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Friday, 09 January 2015


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Thanks for that.
One question though.......who cares?

Well you should, Andra, because amongst Australians you must live nearer to China than most of the rest of them so anything that pokes Peking in the eye is, in the memorable words of Sellars & Yateman, "A Good Thing".

China is our new best friend. They are buying us up daily. They already own several of the islands and resorts around Cairns and are trying to build an 8 billion dollar casino/resort in Cairns.
The Fungs (for that is they) would appear to be full of shit cos I don't think they've got no 8 billion dollars or know how to come by such an amount but our politicians are so busy crawling up Fung orifices and bowing and scraping ...who knows what might occur?
Stranger things have happened. Right?
And my Chinaman might grow a new leg.

Well that's the way they seem to have quietly taken over most of Africa, or at least, the bits with valuable resources in them. Better watch out . . .

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