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Tuesday, 06 January 2015


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Isn't he the bloke that played a pathologist or similar in one of those dreadful police/forensic slice 'em and dice 'em telly shows? I stopped watching that sort of show after the first one I saw. Explained to SWMBO [a fan of such shows] that the wankers who write the scripts could do with some up close and personal contact with poor buggers who died "untidily" and maybe they would write something else more meaningful and less graphic in presentation.

What is a BLX Duffers?

I've managed to avoid this programme so far; your critique demonstrates my good taste- yet again.
Completely OT, you may like this:

Oswald, an excellent link! This seems to be common throughout the Anglosphere.

'B(o)L(a)X', AussieD.

Good fun, Oswald but I can't see a Teachers' Union putting that up on line!

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