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Friday, 16 January 2015


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Well I'm not going to say...oh yes hell damn it I AM going to say: "just as I predicted yesterday".

I may have to appoint you as my 'Predictions Editor', Andrew, but be warned, 'JK' will dog your footsteps!

Hmm, sometimes the peasants have to revolt. We peasants can be a revolting lot. Revolting peasants....sounds sort of French.

And then there's revolving pheasants...but that's a different thing altogether.

The Frogs are a strange lot Whitewall. They invade England and take over. Then they invite people into France that want to kill them. Strange old world.

Andra, a few side trimmings and you have something fine! Trust you have a little white wine for the occasion?

Jimmy...strange indeed. Here in the States we have New Orleans, La which was mostly French "Cajon". They built a city below sea level and with a straight face, populated it with Democrats.

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