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Friday, 09 January 2015


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Damn! And I've been mentally patronizing you with all the authority of an older man when all the time you're eight months older than me.
But I suspect Mr. Driver to be quite right re the healthy properties of the war time diet - for children, anyway. Look at me - if you can stand it! - I'm 75, have smoked since I was 12, drink my eight units of alcohol every evening without fail. My idea of 'five a day' is three pints of bitter and two cigars: they're all veggie products, aren't they?
Oh, and I've never had 'flu, and still work an eight hour day five days a week.
What are we doing wrong, I wonder?

Well, Oswald, I gave up smoking decades ago, I have cut back on the alcohol and I gave up work ten years ago - and you undoubtedly will outlive me!

The trouble with giving people choices; they tend to make them.

claimng that WW2 rationing was a good thing is fashionable. But it is a bit glib. There was a lot of disease about then. So almost anything would improve this. And a large chunk of the population was fed by the military.
People were not fat ( politicians excluded) because they worked. Real work.
En passant _ i and m brother were evacuees and we had most of our belongings stolen .

I'm not saying that rationing was a good thing, just that the resulting diet was! Sorry about you and your brother, I drew the lucky stick, I guess.

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