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Thursday, 08 January 2015


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We could celebrate August 24th!

I assume, BOE, that you are referring to August 1561 when Willem of Orange married duchess Anna of Saxony. Or perhaps, August 410 when the Visigoths under king Alaric I begin to pillage Rome. Or, being a patriotic chap, you may wish to celebrate August 1875 and that splendid fella', Captain Matthew Webb, who became the first person to swim the English Channel.

I'm sure an officer and a gentleman such as yourself would not wish to let off a firework to celebrate British squaddies setting fire to the White House in Aug 1814 and thus upset our American allies! Mind you, old habits die hard. We used to try the same thing in Aldershot whenever we were moved overseas and thus far away from responsibility! All it took was six pints and a box of matches!

The White House redux. An encore would be nice if you folks over there can manage. After that, I have a list for you when you are finished.

You supply the beer, Whitewall, and . . .

Do you have any Canadian readers? We could have an Anglo-Canadian thingy. Where we build a half size WH out of chipboard and set fire to it. I'm sure there are some wide open spaces in Aldershot that would OK.

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