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Sunday, 18 January 2015


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No and no.

If being fronted with a culture that has an illiberal side to it tipped with terrorism, is what it takes for the West to re-discover what Freedom and Liberty actually mean, then the Muslims are doing us a favour.

You might ask how we lost the true meaning of freedom and liberty in the first place, and I point you to the culprit: the Left.

People like to think that they don't take the Left seriously any more, and that the Left has all but disappeared. In a sense that is true. Leftists are no longer full frontal, as they were in the 20th century. Rather, they have flanked us by: -

(1) Taking over the education system and producing cultureless "blank sheet" generations, ignorant of true Liberalism and the culture of their heritage, and ripe for brainwashing. Think this is an exaggeration? Just read this Speccie article which describes the blinkered, unquestioning, comfortable in ignorance and suppression of enquiry, output of British universities, entitled "Free speech is so last century. Today's student's want the 'right to be comfortable'".

North Korean educationalists could learn some lessons from the great success their brethren Lefties have had in education in the West.

Almost no-one who leaves a state school, and few who leave a state university, will have the faintest idea who any of the following people are, or what they discovered, developed, and gifted to mankind: -

For the "blank sheet" generation, no progress beyond that of the basic application of power and authority as a mechanism of social, political, and economic organisation is known. Ripened for tyranny.

(2) The public sector. A sector that is still the same percentage of GDP as it ever was, but does less than it ever has. No longer makes cars, manufactures steel, digs coal out of the ground, does telecoms, or distributes gas, electricity or water, or runs the railways, all of which they had to stop doing because it was such an unmitigated basket case, but still costs the same. Still runs education, healthcare, and social services, all of which are, unsurprisingly, basket cases.

The public sector is the Left's greatest proxy asset; by destroying our productivity and driving up debt, a slow and inexorable march towards economic collapse is achieved, and thereby the prerequisite for revolution. All of which is deniable by the Left - "We weren't in charge or even around when all that happened", they'll say, when really they were the public sector.

(3) Acting by proxy through Islam, through all shades of Islam, moderate to terrorist.

(4) The false science of the green blob. Melons. Green on the outside, red on the inside. Attacking the economics of Liberty, aka Capitalism, by getting at its life blood: energy.

Anything that slaps the West in the face and wakes us up to what has been deviously stolen from us is good news. Anything that replaces the apparently absent, but actually hiding, Left to keep us focussed on what Freedom and Liberty actually mean, is good.

If it takes Islam to do it, so be it.


SoD.."You might ask how we lost the true meaning of freedom and liberty in the first place, and I point you to the culprit: the Left". Bless you Sir.


I'll second Whitewall on that citation.

I will add that it is impossible to understand the modern Left except in terms of its most essential and fundamental principle: total human uniformity. From this flows everything else. If for example, humans are devoid of innate differences, then all inequalities can only be the result of social injustice, and therefore a moral imperative exists to rip apart and reconstruct the very foundations of society, again and again, until we find a configuration that delivers perfect social, political, sexual, and economic equality.

Under such a view, to understand and assert that long-separated populations may differ in important ways, and that their profoundly different cultures are organic manifestations of those innate differences, rather than mere artifices replaceable at a whim, is the gravest of heresies. And this is why the merest suggestion that allowing the mass immigration of aliens from irreconcilably alien cultures was, for all Western nations, an enormously destructive blunder, is met with all the punitive fury one would normally associate with the breaking of a religious taboo.

We were waka waka for letting them in. I formed this opinion during 1993 after a confrontation I witnessed. I realised they the islamists did not like us.

Well chaps, we can all think of sensible things to do. But our rulers will take no notice. Their policy is to sit there waiting like rabbits in a car's headlights, till we are over run.

"We were waka waka for letting them in. I formed this opinion during 1993 after a confrontation I witnessed. I realised they the islamists did not like us."

I have had seven engagements with Muslims, here they are: -

(1) SP, a mate at school, carried me out of a pub in Richmond when I was unable to walk, and in close proximity to having the shit kicked out of me by the landlord's regulars, which would have been richly deserved. Drove me home and got me there in one piece. Good start.

(2) AB at university. Probably in Gitmo now. Defo got the undercurrent and vibes off him, even in the 80's. Mmm, stumbled a bit there.

(3) Befriended in a grabby sort of way on a training course by MK, nice enough sort of bloke, but pumping me for contacts and info for jobs. Fair enough. Had his missus staying with him, said he would introduce me. Met him and her in the busy student cafeteria, I stood up and extended my hand. Oh Lordy, that was a big mistake. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, room went silent, tumbleweed blew past, I aged. I retracted my hand and sat down, scarlet and humiliated. Later told by MK not to worry, it was just my cultural misunderstanding, and I was forgiven. In my own country. In Western Europe. Diving sub-zero now.

(4) Step-auntie B of whom I am very fond. Likes to live alone, proper spinster, in her 80's now. Frail, and fragile. Mater and Pater retire to Dorset, took my eye off her for just that bit too long. Two of her life long friends died in close succession. Muslim neighbour pestered her incessantly, sliding notes under her door in the middle of the night, told her she would go to hell if she didn't convert. Made that guilty phone call a year later. Discovered she had been converted. Wahabi / Salafist bunch from North London mosque. Won't do Xmas any more. Used to be a Catholic. How sad, spend most of her life being abused by nuns and priests, and her swan song days being abused by Islam. A low point, we're in serious negative territory.

(5) After Auntie B had a nervous breakdown, I found myself explaining (4) to the social services lady sent to help her out while I was picking up B's pieces. Turned out she was a Muslim too. Ah, I thought, this is going to get very fucking interesting. I was just about to do the "how can anyone follow a creed whose founder member was a paedo, murderer, rapist, thief, and corpse mutilator" spiel, when I think she saw me coming and nipped in quick with "I am a Muslim, and I can assure you that was not a conversion that I or any true Muslim would endorse or approve of; conversion under duress is no conversion, and it hurts me and demeans my religion to know that you were converted in this manner." Fair play, a few pluses there. Not back to zero yet though. B still thinks she'll go to hell if she celebrates Xmas.

(6) MK, attractive Muslim women, all wrapped up, but ready baby, if you know what I mean. There's a certain glint in the eyes, isn't there, sometimes? Even a Burkha can't hide that. Joins my project team in whacky Silicon Roundabout, or Islington Wankersville, as I prefer to call it. MT, half Irish, half Austrian, wild woman, wild as a tiger on acid, crashed in mid morning on a Monday. "Got absolutely wasted on Saturday, and spent the whole of Sunday fucking this guy and his girlfriend in the Holiday Inn across the way, sorry I'm late." I would give my left and right arms to be able to show you a picture of the expression on MK's face; the combination of longing, yearning, for the freedom to be able to do that, or whatever her proclivity variation on the theme might be, I will carry for a long time. She'll go back to Pakistan with some views of her own that the Mullahs wouldn't be too pleased to know. See how subversive Islington Wankersville is when all these young Muslims process through and bring the news back to their "ancestral shitholes", as Jimmy likes to call them? There's an undercurrent going in their direction as well as ours, I tI think I know which one is going to win. We're up a fair few, maybe nearly back to break even, I think.

(7) Sat at work in the Thames Valley, the spinal column of middle England. 5 times a day KM and OM's mobiles go off with the call to prayer. Support desk grinds to a halt while they roll their eyes etc. My phone goes off with Liberty Bell, Monty Python style with a great fat raspberry at the end. We're even.

So, Pater, when you said, "Get out there everyone, and make the effort to embrace the immigrants in our community", you'll see I've been no laggard.

It seems one needs to retire to Dorset to have missed the fun.

Lord SoD, descendant of Ap-Lake, Knight of the Round Table.

come on. You all stopped breeding.
the government doesn't like that.
It wants taxes and voters.
So soon you will all be redundant or even gone.

I said something.
What happened to that??

Mistake or not immigration has happened and you can do nothing to stop more immigration - bluster and puff yes but nothing more. Integration comes from economic activity - trade - and sharing experiences (even sexual ones). Over time rabid enthusiasms become moderated and die away. The French ignored this shoving their immigrants out to rotten banlieus, if we do the same then the result will be the same. Just remember, we Europeans only gave up burning at the stake in the 19thC.

As for listening at keyholes, that game is over for now, what we have created is a multi billion dollar white elephant with powerful well paid people looking at eventual redundancy. They lost credibility by siding with the politicians - concealing really actions like the WMD farrago and sullying themselves by seizing evidence of kiddy fiddling and sleeping with tree-huggers. We need to de-politicise the spies - take them way from looking after politicians and give them the remit to defend the people, from the politicians if necessary. This means keeping tabs on politicians and police as well as malefactors. Done openly and honestly the techies may be less uncooperative. America may be able to lean on the techies a bit but no-one else, we shall have to see how credible their efforts are.

And with perfect timing: Watermelons.

Imagine a coalition of them and Miliband.


Good grief, Lawrence, I always suspected they were loony but not eye-ball swivelling insane!

"Watermelons". Some terms are universal it seems, especially when they are that dead on right.

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