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Thursday, 08 January 2015


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I admire al-Sisi for his courage and honesty and his recognizing how long over due his message is. I just hope the ghost of Anwar Sadat will protect him. The western PC police may just have heart failure over this and the useless State Department may have to find a spine and try standing upright instead of on all fours. I suspect two different reactions in the Muslim world....the non Arab will listen and maybe think on it. The Arab Muslim may very well use it toward more fanaticism.

This is what is feared in Europe today:

Sometimes unsavory people can be right.

Sometimes, perhaps, maybe ... but their 'wrongs' usually outweigh their 'rights'.

I am going to try and beat JK to the punch with this link..

JK, interesting link there. Sort of does the NY Times thing-make the comfortable uncomfortable. Europe, North America or down under, all face the same thing.

Just so Whitewall.

But for what it's worth, and until such time as sufficient information becomes more generally available, I'm tending toward this most recent being AQ as opposed to ISIL. But as you say, "the same thing" effectively.

Whitewall when you allow religious fundamentalists into your country that hate you and detest religious freedom then do expect to be killed. After all they cull their own fellow muslims because of different view points on a book!
I suspect something rather nasty is going to happen in Europe again.

Although it's grim, it could be a lot worse if the Camel-Shaggers weren't sticking one on just about everyone of our enemies just now. This article summarizes it nicely: -

So that's Iran, Syria, ISIS, Putin, and the Muslim Brotherhood, all kicking the shit out of each other, whilst collectively having the shit kicked out of them by the Saudi's!

This could even trump the last time the West went to the gents while the pub fight kicked off, and came back just in time to pat Uncle Jo on the shoulder and peel him off Adolf's corpse.

I decree that today shall henceforth be known as "Hug-a-Camel-Shagger" day.

Lord SoD

Lord SoD?

Reading your link put me in mind of something[s] ol' JK typed on this very blog awhile back. From three months ago;

"You might recall David the Saudis pulling the trigger on the only weapon they had available back in the 70s ... the Oil Shock? You'll note it's not only US produced barrels having the price drop? Two things are afoot *I think* ... Ukraine and impinging on ISIL's revenue streams. Broadly speaking."

And, using the same three-word search term on Dad's archives you can find a very similar assessment from 2012. (The only reason I mention that from 2012 is 'cause I note Mr. Barnett in that link claims he saw the same thing back in March - which I take to mean March of 2014.)

I'd send you Lord SoD an email except, I've had "abit of a computer problem" for some three weeks and until [perhaps as soon as next Monday] can't log onto that account until I get cleared. (I do worry when I am finally, able to log on, there'll be beau coup "funnies" I'll have to sort before I'll be able to send anything.)

JK, I remember the comment and I agree, you were right on the money.

Even though cheap oil might be a hindrance to the US shale revolution, I think it's a small price to pay for the extreme pain it's exerting on our enemies.

And the boost to non-energy industries will more than mitigate losses in shale.

So, in summary, if the hairies keep fighting each other, then the only big concern for us in the short-medium term is the self harm caused by the insanity of the Euro currency. And sadly that is a huge problem, imho, that could end very badly.

And in the long term, China.


" ... the self harm caused by the insanity of the Euro currency. And sadly that is a huge problem, imho ... "

"Sadly" Lord SoD?

Fuck the ... well so much for alt-code on a laptop ... Fuck the Eurlo!

(No Andra, the "Naughty Corner" isn't sufficiently naughty for the likes of me - the "L" is very deliberate. Care to guess why?)

You are right Duff - this guy is a dead man walking.

Pops. He may survive provided he does not take the salute at a military parade.

Missed that about the mass. Thanks for commenting about it.

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