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Thursday, 22 January 2015


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I never subjected myself to Morgan but read plenty about him. Now Fry, I have seen a fair amount of in different roles and enjoy his acting range. Anything beyond acting though, I'm not aware of much.

David, I don't know if your wanderings have taken you past Diplomad, but re American Sniper, he has some good comments on his last couple of offerings.

That Stephen Fry line is brilliant and so is Stephen Fry.
I can say that even if I didn't get an invitation to the wedding.

'Whiters', Fry is an excellent entertainer and comic but beyond that . . . And, no, I haven't checked in with Diplomad for a while, I'll get on to it tomorrow.

"I didn't get an invitation to the wedding" Thank your lucky stars, Andra!

JK Andra,

Watch the coast please? And quickly.

Time to me to 'fess up... Back in the days, I was a sniper myself. We were a VERY independently minded bunch, and one of the main attractions of our particular guild was that once we had been given a task, we would go off in our pairs and do it without some STUPID FRIGGING SUBALTARN who hadn't started shaving yet sticking his oar in and trying to tell us what do. We were VERY aware of how effective we could be. 3 or 4 sniper pairs could - under certain conditions - snarl up a whole battalion and cause it serious grief by taking out key personnel. We did other good stuff as well - recce and MFC.

Corporal Duff's attitude to snipers comes as no surprise. I came across that sort of thing all the time. Most of my fellow NCO's thought I should have been leading a section rather than pissing about with my oppo in the long grass. And the enemy? One thing that was impressed on us from the start was that it would be a BAD idea to get taken prisoner and that we would probably be separated from our testicles as a result!!!


You do realize I've my tone set and especially as "the capitalized" comes in? I can handle most things but without guidance as I'd normally have to, and ... without the appropriate guidance at "about the same time" from

"On High" ... Well as ye'll know "capitalizes" is that especial sort

I'da shot the Sub-Altarn if only ... because I'd thought a possible 'mis-int' and/or "What the fuck is a subaltarn? !!!.

Fuck Duff. He's entitled as they all are.

Ask "any Corporal" would you rather us near or far ... well, that didn't require the expected sentence ending punctuation did it

*Generally* they ask rather, "Can't we use a nuke?"

bad speling!!!

But excellent hooch!

Tootin' good it was here too the hootch, I mighta been one of them vainglorious sorts. Looked left and right, up an' down figurin' if there was danger around (since it's warmed up a mite) it'd be from a yallerjacket fallin' amixed my head hair dangling.

I never considered it'd be one of our most dangchurz Rattle-Headed-Copper-Moccasins out lookin' belly-flat an' quiet-like. An' the gall! To bit me atwixt an' atween my flip-flop separator!

Barney allus sayed to keep Medicinal Snakebite arounds an' hit was good I larned so. If'n I haint I mighta had to pay for an Emergency Room vizit an' had to wait four Obama to take my call.

But I seams to be purty fit now sew y'all needle dispatch y'alls NHS my way runnin' code an' syrene.

Spect one more gallon orter fix me till last week.

(Shhhh. I hear a bat squawkin. One good spit an' some tater tots an' I'll be fixed for lunch.)

JK, can I assume you are overcome with joy that the Sun newspaper will resume showing topless women on page 3? Something has surely got you "stimulated".

Well, JK, I don't know what Barney is putting in his carefully-laid-down-for-one-day vintage hooch but it danged near - oops, sorry - I mean, very nearly turned you all poetical in your comment above - a true stream of unconsciousness! However, are you being serious about the snake bite? And if you are *taking it seriously* - by which I mean seeing a doctor - then so be it! If not - you bloody well should, just to be on the safe side!

'WW', don't excite him any further with The Sun's page three girls, it could cause a rush of blood to, er, well, away from his wound, shall we say!

Figurin' Whitewell, theirs about to be a bunch a "get-wall-soon" cards wid checks in the maqil heapin' me to git well purty soomn.

Gotta go back on shif ... now where dod I stick that colander?

Wall sumtine as I udderstan the whirls going to hail an' I'm rekwired!

JK...thou art "tore up from the floor up".

JK ... I'm looking East over the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Give me a hint...........what am I waiting for?

Tsunami? Submarines? Maybe the odd irukandji or blubby about, not to mention a tardy whale or two.

Barramundi season opens on February 1st. or so I am informed.

I'll keep humming "I cover the waterfront" until further notice, will I?

And stop sniffing the dynamite!!

My blushes, Watson!

You can have those, Malcolm, so long as you don't send me an invoice!

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