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Saturday, 10 January 2015


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David, I think you're right to criticize the leftists, especially those on american campuses, where some precious snowflake always succeeds in shouting down some speaker, like Ayan Hirsi Ali.

But I think you're wrong to criticize the Hebdo cartoonists. Islam is a creed that draws out huge hordes of mindless terrorists that rampage through the streets and kill anyone in sight. It has happened often. It is happening now in the phenomenon known as ISIS. The Danish cartoons were illustrative. Three of them were actually drawn by the imams. Everything was a lie. How many people died? This is not a religion in the usual sense. It is a political creed out for power. It has no place in the west at all. It should be criticized, mocked, denigrated. All my respect goes to the Hebdo cartoonists.

Left comment has backed off unmitigated worship and has joined right comment in being more critical, partly like you in opposition to gratuitous offensiveness but also (no surprise) charging CH with racism because, after all, some Muslims are not actually white and none are, you know, really white, like us euro-whites.

Possibly excepting the Irish, I suppose.

And, of course, hate speech.

Some Imam somewhere rightly pointed out the hypocrisy of the Europeans on this point, given so many have already surrendered their absolute freedom to leftists who demanded first that Holocaust denial be criminalized and later much broader prohibitions.

So, given all that, why not criminalize mockery of Mohammed?

That's a slippery slope Europe is on, eh?

David, nicely written. I think I can be as offensive as the next guy but it is Saturday so I won't. All of us in the modern west are conducting ourselves in every way by the speech and even thought codes set down by the "intellectual" Left. It doesn't even matter whether a country has an operating Leftist government at the moment. The momentum carries on through the corrupted institutions that the Left marched through decades ago.

To end this malformed western disability, it will take many monstrous events like Paris. In many places, it may even take some people who are a bit more rough than our current political classes. None of this ends well.

This brave woman is talking sense and the Left hates her..

Bullseye Pops!

You're in company, not good company, but company, nevertheless: -,7340,L-4613491,00.html

The Hebdo crew wanted the French National Front banned a few years back.

Who's Charlie?


Charlie's obviously not 25% of the French population - they all voted National Front and are not invited to the national commemoration and mourning event.

Oh dear. It's what I always said. The French just don't know how to do Liberty, do they? After all, whoever gave away the Statue of Liberty as a gift to America revealed the true nature of their understanding of Liberty symbolically by that action at that time, and of course, by all their other actions in the name of Liberty around that time too.

Lord SoD

They came after Charlie Hebdo and I said nothing, because "I am not Charlie". Is that what you are saying?

I have to say that considering allah and this prophet is all imaginary and was invented to keep the masses docile and still does then the killings make sense in that respect
Left or right is irrelevant what we need is sensible people that will have the courgage to start the repatriation from our Western nations of muslims back to their ancestral shitholes. And I am a liberal person.

"They came after Charlie Hebdo and I said nothing, because "I am not Charlie". Is that what you are saying?"

Nope. The cartoonists at Hebdo were perfectly entitled to their illiberal view that the National Front should be banned, or that holocaust denial should be censored, or that counter-warmists should be silenced.

They are equally entitled to the hypocritical claim that they are Liberals.

I'm saying that "I'm not Charlie", because that hypocrisy and besmirchment of Liberty is exactly so, but I'm not proscribing it, because if I were to, then I would be Charlie.


"what we need is sensible people that will have the courgage to start the repatriation from our Western nations of muslims back to their ancestral shitholes"

I read somewhere that the terrorists were on a "no fly" control order.


These guys want to leave the West and go to their "ancestral shitholes" and kill each other.

Why are we stopping them?


XX Why are we stopping them? XX

A classic case whereby "closing the stable door after the horse has bolted," is deffinately in order, and desireable.

Better still, stuff them all onto RAF Hercules, and drop them off where they want to go.

As a firm 'man made global warming' refusenick, I'm in full agreement with your piece. Nothing could be contrived to be more insulting to me, from a Jewish family, than to be conflated with a holocaust denier; I have experienced being bundled out of a job interview for expressing my view in a personal section of the interrogation. So much for freedom of speech. Je suis ne Charlie pas!

Lawrence those muslims that leave to fight for the almighty one and manage to return should be handed back to Assad. He will dispose of the problem in his normal tradition.
And if we do this then watch all the outraged muslims and lefties hitting the cobbles.

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