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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


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Just a little sidebar David. Allowing as how the Greenies are interested in Carbon Capture and serendipitously I mentioned below Methane Hydrates. From that February 2013 link;

"Finally, and perhaps most promising, is carbon dioxide injection. In this process, carbon dioxide essentially replaces the natural gas within the hydrate, allowing for the release of natural gas and the capture of carbon dioxide.

"... Most of these research programs are in the exploratory, experimental and laboratory phases, with expeditions seeking samples to determine the extent of deposits so as to direct further research. Last year, however, Japan completed a successful field test in Alaska in collaboration with Norway and ConocoPhillips, successfully producing natural gas through controlled dissociation via carbon dioxide injections. In recent weeks, Japan has also begun offshore production tests in the Nankai Trough off the coast of central Honshu.

"Despite these recent advances, commercial production is still unlikely for at least 10 to 15 years. Japan believes that commercial production will be possible by 2018, while the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that countries with the "political will" to pursue methane hydrates could see production by around 2025.

"While initial offshore exploration has occurred near the coast, often within a given country's exclusive economic zone, future exploration will likely continue offshore. This exploration could happen in contentious waters, especially in East Asia."

Incidentally, a million tons of CO2 lingering around under Illinois isn't really Illinois' biggest gas[bag] problem ... and really, a million tons compared to the cause of the African lakes exploding, Vulcanism (where the measurements are in the trillions of tons)

Pity though the Greenies didn't think to inject the stuff right under the Chicago Mayor's offices.

"Pity though the Greenies didn't think to inject the stuff right under the Chicago Mayor's offices."

If only . . .

Just wait for the outcry when they get fizzy "sparkling" tapwater.

A scientific investigation into why beer fizzes! Well, I'd trust the results of that even less than I do most 'scientific' prognostications!

But, Woodsy, imagine the cheers if it was sparkling beer!

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