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Sunday, 04 January 2015


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Australians left to murder each other? Not while the beacon of pleasure that is Perth is still open for business. According to the Left, if they don't get their way on most any subject, mass murder and increased death will result. Never mind that the last century has been proof of just the opposite.

I remember reading somewhere ( memory reducing in inverse proportion to age), that as an island we have had astonishingly low murder rates since the late 1600's, compared to other countries. The conclusion being that we just don't like killing each other. In comparison, some other study (that memory thing again), looked at why we made such good soldiers. The conclusion being that we just liked fighting others.

Thanks, GD, and welcome to D&N. The problem is that of all the hooky stats produced by 'those above us', crime stats are the hookiest so God knows what they were like back in Cromwell's day!

The Anglo Saxon was born to fight. He can also fight and think at the same time.

'morning Andra [ladies first], Duffers, Whitewall et al.

Murder is so uncouth. It can completely ruin a good B-B-Q so socially it is frowned upon down here.

Anyway in between fighting bush fires, floods, etc [which can sometimes occur simultaneously here] there is not much time left for the average Aussie to indulge in murder.

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