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Monday, 26 January 2015


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How about a short summary - six lines or so.

Well that's what you normally get here but I haven't the time or the inclination to try and precis Mr.Stockman's polemic. It's worth reading in full and I will be interested if anyone has any views about it.

For example, underlying Mr. Stockman's thesis is the belief that somehow the world would have been a better place if the USA had kept out of WWI. It might well have been different but 'better'?

Curses I'm foiled!!! You have beaten me to it!!! Do something Muttley! Dick Dastardly.

'Calm down, dear' and tell me what I beat you to - is that grammatical?

Also, Demetrius, you're not by any chance the Demetrius who figured in the first of my 'Funnies' this morning, are you?

Finally, some bad news, Demetrius, I've checked your blog out and I like it so I've bookmarked it. Who knows, you may receive a visit!

Wow! What a post! Those Wilsonians again. Remember they were mentioned in our treatment of the review of American Sniper of a few days ago. Wilsonian attitudes are still with us in our domestic politics.

More to follow if I can wade through it all.

Woodrow Wilson, did cause lasting trouble. As far as the interactions with European banks during those years as well as between National banks named in the article, it would take European financial scholars weighing in. The creation of the Federal Reserve and removing the gold standard were mistakes I believe as like the article said- we had been on a gold standard before, going back to 1870 and things were managed well.

No more gold standard and fiat money is a central planning politicians dream. I accept Stockman's reasoning for the collapse of 1929-1932 to be a delayed inevitable one from the after math of WW1 and the fiat based "recovery" of the 1920s. He also says that the unleashing of Keynesian economics has been a threat and disaster to western economics and I whole heartedly agree. The 2007-2008 financial collapse should have been allowed to act as the cleansing mechanism for developed economies, but it was not allowed. We printed and bought "paper ex machina" and called it good. Thus I believe the reckoning is yet to come.

Also I'm not so sure the Reds would not have come to power in Moscow. Russia was ripe for a massive revolt and overthrow, maybe not by the frail con man Lenin, but just someone else maybe worse.

So many words.

Sounds plausible to me but I wasn't there so how the hell would I know?

Come to think of it, how would any of us know?

What is, is and there's an end to it.

I'm having enough trouble dealing with the world you and I live in and I haven't got the time to worry about all this crap.

Apparently you blokes have.

It's obvious none of you have anything to do so I would like to suggest you
get off your duffs (sorry about that, David) and do something constructive.

Mow the lawn, vacuum the house and/or something useful. Do any of you know how the washing machine works? Cleaning the oven is always a dandy way to spend an hour to two and you can use your brain to think up clever things to write about while you're doing it.

Off you go, now.

JK, you can just sit quietly in the corner and think pleasant thoughts. You're excused from actual work.

Do you mind, Madam! I'll have you know that in this house I am i/c ironing! This is because 'back in the day' the Defence Ministry ran a recruiting campaign saying that "They teach you a trade in the army". What they didn't say was that it was ironing!

Mind you, the 'Memsahib' still moans because I press creases into her nickers!

Maybe you'll want to go to the 14'02'' minute.

Or, even better, to listen to the whole thing.

Thanks, Ortega, and I have bookmarked that for later.

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