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Wednesday, 07 January 2015


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Idan Ben-Barak CHOOSES to live in Melbourne because it is the most liveable city in the world.
I would live there (again) myself except they have too much weather and too many weathers, all in one day.

Melbourne [the city I live in] can have all four seasons in one day and just to prove it we did it yesterday. 35C and bright sunshine in the morning, 1530 hours and the temperature dropped 10C and a thunderstorm with big hail stones and wind to rip out gum trees [fortunately not in my suburb] then back to 30C and no wind. It then dropped to 25C overnight.
Today the ol' Jupiter is stuffing us around again. It is bloody hot but the forecast says rain [and so do the big black clouds out to the South West - more reliable than the Bureau of Meterology] and Saturday is predicted to have a maximum of 20C with lots of rain.
And my favourite response to a Warmist is "and how is that Hockey Stick making out"?. Fun to watch the heads explode.

Er, so if you go out for the day, what the hell do you wear?

"It’s something every scientist ultimately learns one way or another"

Not the climate crowd though. As you suggest, many of them seem to need a real good dose of your book-ramming philosophy. I hope it's a substantial tome - hardback could be particularly persuasive.


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