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Thursday, 22 January 2015


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You are right DD, just doing his job. Civil Service selection carefully ensures all senior servants are devoid of the slightest scintilla of initiative or rebellion, it is the British way. Anyway, don't fret, the report will not be worth reading anyway, the media dogs will chew on it for a day or two and find no new meat. Better still, there is no chance Sir John will secrete a cut-down microSD card in his belly button and thus leak the unexpurgated version - pity, 'twould liven a dull day.

Sir John was selected as 'a safe pair of hands.' He's 'one of us.'
No British Government ever sets up a Court of Enquiry, or a Royal Commission, or a Judicial Review without making it clear what result would be most convenient.
But then, I'm almost as old a cynic as you!

Alas, all too true - both of you!

"in fact one wonders if, at this rate, anyone involved in the fiasco will still be alive when it is finally published."

As in Brittan & the Elm House file ?

kind regards

The man was appointed to do a job so he must finish it on his terms and not the baying mob that want to get Blair. The Tories did vote against the war but would have supported it if in power at that time. Blair did the right thing in getting rid of Saddam. It should have happened during Gulf War 1. Saddam invaded Kuwait threatened to invade Saudi and attacked Israel but was for some unknown reason left in power. The West and the Gulf States left the Kurds and some Iraqis to their fate once they secured the oil. That is one of the UN,s most shameful moments among the many.

The UN mandate was for the liberation of Kuwait. There was no mandate for invading Iraq. It is doing things without a UN mandate that has got us into the current messes including The Ukraine and killing various innocent people by drone.

Quite so, David, and good to hear from you again.

No time now, Jimmy, to refight old wars, suffice to say that we were lied to by people who weren't even very clever liars. And are you telling me that you would go to war on the word of people like Alistair Campbell whom even a High Court judge called a liar!

I'm not with you, BOE, in allowing the UN to run our foreign and defence policies. We should be free to take our own decisions, right or wrong, not a collection of rogues, thieves, vagabonds and murderers! However, I do expect our 'leaders' to then take responsibility for their decisions - and, no, I'm not holding my breath, thank you for asking!

David the British armed forces obey orders and have always gone to war for what the elected government considers to be the British interest.

BOE. Saddam did invade Kuwait and did attack Israel. I would suggest that was a good reason to get rid of Saddam. We will never know what happened in the UN closed sessions that let the scumbag of the hook.

David do you recall an enquiry into SUEZ?

No, Jimmy, I don't.

To My shame I too was in favour at the time for exactly the same reasons, influenced partly by the opinion the Economist (which I no longer take) and the UN speech by Colin Powell whom I respected.

More fool me, and fuckemall. But especially Blair.

Ah well, CB, we can't be right every time, although in my case, just some of the time would be useful!

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