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Monday, 19 January 2015


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I have not seen the movie, but it has all the right people "filling their shorts".

Given Hollywood's usual attitude to the truth, they have missed a trick here. They should just have made the sniper Black!

A sniper is a valuable tool in war when the enemy leadership needs to be taken out.
The British have used snipers effectively but do not advertise it. I would not be too squemish about it David it is either you or them as my brother said after his service with the Cameronian Rifles in Malaya.

I think, Whitewall, I will have to see the film and judge for myself.

As usual, BOE, you have come up with the perfect answer - I'm surprised 'Clint baby' didn't hire you as race relations advisor!

Jimmy, I don't object to sniping as a tactic, I'm just not sure I want to be 'entertained' Hollywood-style by its depiction.

You're forgetting David (of course) you, of the Grand Order of Hillbillies (and a Founder, so to speak) & by extension Lord SoD by Whatever Routes contributed to all this sniping being, in origin, more a product of your Royal Navy than you'd enjoy to think?

What. Would you have had your Lord Nelson've pulled his marksmen outta the rigging?

Recall, 'Over Here' all these fellows are merely following tradition being (at least as regards the best - as your last link plainly states, Jacksonians & Southern (you may continue to blame the Post Office & *Sincere Apologies* for that little kerfluff down in New Orleans but) Our Navy and Marines have been a little miffed since.

(And that Arkie Footys Email I received last week bear constantly in mind.)

"He was instrumental in establishing the Marine Corps Scout/Sniper School at Quantico, Virginia, and helped plan its syllabus."

We've sent an invitation to that Moore feller .. it may actually be the Post Office.

*Jimmy, I don't object to sniping as a tactic, I'm just not sure I want to be 'entertained' Hollywood-style by its depiction.*

The answer, of course, is to ignore it. This too will pass.

Well I have decided to go and see it for myself. If it turns out to be just another glorified American war movie depicting how they won the war single-handed I shall leave early. However, if it has something more than that to offer then I shall watch to the end.

Don't forget your anti-popcorn mask!

David's "additional" at the bottom of his article is very helpful and so is the "Jacksonian" link found within the additional material. I didn't know just how well the writer had some of us in my part of the country pegged. Walter Russell Meade has always been an insightful writer.

Well done David go and see a Clint Eastwood movie. Was it Wagon Train he was in in the old days as Rowdy Yeats? Wishbone was the cook! I think.

Jimmy, you are correct.

Eh, Jimmy?

(As for you Whitewall ... Wagon Train?)

Oops! Memory fart. Sorry. Gil Favor- Trail boss?

Jk. Brought a tear tae ma eye. Used tae rush hame fae school tae watch it.

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