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Friday, 23 January 2015


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A good title for this piece for sure. Our naked emperor, Comrade Obama, is a true believer from academe's anti America mind set. Though he is too young to be one, he is the last best hope of the 1960s radicals. A "Red Diaper baby" of sorts. He is Leftism's final spit in the face of mainstream adult authority. PM Cameron should know that.

Mr. Boehner's invite of Netanyahu is a master stroke. The Congress of the People's representatives need to be addressed by a leader of stature who is principled, and patriotic. That duty has traditionally fallen to the President of the United States, but we have Comrade Obama. Obama hates BiBi because BiBi is a leader and a man. Obama is neither. It will be two more years before we are rid of that red bastard. Our friends and allies will have to wait him out.

G'day Whitewall. Could be a tough two years for those who were once allies of the "old" USA. On the other hand it could be a good thing for us as we will have to put more money into our own security. As for Israel if I were a goat shagger I'd think twice about taking on Israel. In the words of Golda Meir "We Israelis have nowhere to go so we may as well fight". And they do that very efficiently.

The correct wording is;

The only place we could run was into the sea, and before we did that we might as well fight.

Absolutely right, David. And while you'll generally find more backbone in one of our Wellfleet tide-pools than in the Republican Congressional caucus, John Boehner showed a rare flash of vertebrae with the Netanyahu invitation.

In my opinion, this administration will be looked back upon as the final turning point, as the time in history when the arc of American greatness turned at last from ascent to irrevocable decline, and ultimately to decay and disintegration. It will be seen as the moment when, under the leadership of a vainglorious man of low character, full of seething resentment and base ambition, the fatal and inevitable weaknesses of democracy finally overcame a once-great nation and people.

AussieD..g'day yourself. I remember the late 1970s under Jimmy Carter and the feel was much the same. My elders still talk of the Great Depression years and the gloom they felt as the years dragged on. I'm not much for giving up and I sure as hell won't let things go without a knock down drag out fight. It's the stock I descend from. I don't know if you caught it the other day, but the ADDITIONAL at the bottom of the post our "fine upstanding" host wrote called Sniping at American Sniper, was very instructive. Not only was it concerning the movie but it spoke of the culture(s) within it. There is also a link within the review by Walter Russell Meade about this culture. The link in question is long, so if you attempt it, bring along 3 or 4 spare sets of eyeballs. This link is talking about my people warts and all.

Ah now. Whitewall ye'll be forgivin' of me won't ye?

We're two steeped as we are in the "just knowing" the ins and the outs about the traditions it took me a while to take notice of what you was on about.

Late to the party I'll join in recommedin' all y'all others of other places seekin' a truer inderstandin of why Whitewall and now I be recommendin' y'all read that Mead linkining.

An Whitewall?

Easiest way to incite a little splinter into David's (or what passes for one) David's mind is to d'rect his eyes to A Battle.

But ... not jes any ol' Battle.

An' simply for convenience

JK...Battle Of King's Mountain you say? That is a couple hours south west of here. It is a few miles west of where my wife comes from and her paternal side settled and remain today. That side of her family directly involved in the fight(s)carry the last name Jackson...yes, of that line. They are a people who are described in that link we talked about yesterday. If there was ever a fight to be had, traditionally they were in it for keeps.

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