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Thursday, 29 January 2015


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What gentleman would take advantage of a woman too pissed to know what she was doing or even to say no? Too many I suggest. However what lady would become so drunk that she could be taken advantage of when they know there are not many gentlemen left in the world these days? Too many I think.

So the old trout was talking authoritarian feminist nonsense as so many do these days. It is no longer about fairness and balanced thinking or even democratic mandate but about who is the most vociferous, manipulative and populist who decide our laws and our how society is shaped.

Well, 'back in the day' I always plied my ladies with drink but alas most of them could out-drink me any day of the week. Occasionally in my inebriated state I was taken advantage of, at least, that's how I like to remember it!

Well I remember when there were about as many ladies as there were gentlemen. The supply of each rose and fell with the level of demand for each. Back then, women understood what shame was and loss of reputation could do. Men? Well we have always been ourselves. Traditionally we don't set the rules, or change them with the drop of a hat (hair pin, bra, high heel...)

This "best friend" who accompanies, where does that come from? Is he the "second"? Or just some clod who whispers "my turn" when the first party runs low on steam?

Oh get with the times- use your phone to record video of the occasion- good evidence in case of a court appearance, and a bloody good memento to share with your mates elsewise.

In the auld days a mother would say, ' keep yer haun oan yer ha'penny hen'. What she meant was be sensible. That does not say men are always sensible when it is a matter of them just wanting to orgasm irrespective of the consequence. A rapist is a criminal and a scumbag that uses overwhelming force of strengh and weight on another human being for self gratification.

Men come equipped with a head and a penis, but only enough blood to operate them one at a time.

She looks like a sheila who appears regularly in Brit TV shows like Midsomer Murders.

I know it is not a chivalrous or PC thing to say but with a head like that she's pretty safe.

Gentlemen! Gentlemen! (I use the term loosely.) Have none of you any finer feminine feelings? I fear you are all in need of, er, re-education - and no doubt Ms. Saunders has such arrangements in hand!

"and no doubt Ms. Saunders has such arrangements in hand". I'm betting she would be very "disciplined".

'Whiters', control yourself!

Woman tells her friend she has only had sex once in her life. The friend asks with whom. She says with the 2nd Battalion the Argyle and Suffering Highlanders.The friend exclaims were you raped. No she replies I was graped there was a bunch of them.

jimmy, does sound like the lady was dedicated though.

Indeed Whitewall. A real "trouper."

1890, "actor or performer in a troupe," from troupe (n.) + -er (1). Transferred sense of "reliable, uncomplaining person" [OED].

(Incidentally Whitewall, I notice over at Anna's Raccoon Arms ... if you Sir haven't previously visited and might be suspicious of my directing .. see David's sidebar.

Anyway, I see Petunia offers a, er, more filling treatment of what Ms. Saunders is up to. A good Lot of commenters too.)

Thanks JK, I'll "peep it out".

JK, well I did. Don't think I need to penetrate that forum on that subject as I may not be able to rise to the type of discourse. So I shall withdraw, hope not prematurely, and limp on to more accommodating enclosures.

To be sure Whitewall Sir, rising to the occasion amongst that Lot has been in the few years JK has been lurking, peeping in, keeping JK to only thrusting in at (most frequently, Christmastime - when it can reasonably be assumed "levity" is the order of the day)

Otherwise so far as I recall, I've dropped in on only two occasions having been invited purely and solely to, clarify on account of JK's peculiar expertise.

I getting tired of these women who are apparently fighting on my behalf, and saying things I actually I didn't say and don't agree with. There was a brilliant comment made on the internet recently which says : "An activist is someone who lobbies for wheelchair access. An SJW lobbies for the stairs to be removed in case they offend disabled people".

No one deserves to be raped. You cannot, however, stop rape by alienating every single man under the sun. The feminists seem to think that if they tell rapists hard enough that RAPE IS WRONG, they will stop all rape. Unfortunately, you won't. Every rapist knows it's wrong. To some extent, that's why they do it, and I'm afraid the only precautions that women can take are not drink so much we are unaware of what it happening, and to make sure that we have some sort of protection. It's unfair, and it's harsh, but I personally prefer a world where I look after myself, but can count on the gentlemanly instincts of the men around me. I tend to find that women like Alison Saunders assume all men are rapists, whereas I find that actually, most men (at the very least) have better respect for themselves than that.

Well said, Mayfly!

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