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Sunday, 25 January 2015


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It would be interesting to know how many top civil servants are to get the chop!

Somewhere between nil and none is my rough estimation!

Four pounds of sugar?

Not an ounce more not an ounce less! You can feel your arteries slamming shut with every mouthful - yummy!

Whew! David you are truly a stout fellow!

It is better to fight your enemy on their territory than on your own. The cuts to our army is madness.

Well, I certainly have a rumble and a grumble.

I've been passed over for daming once again and our wanker of a Prime Minister appears to have given MY gong to your Phil!

What the f#%k's going on here?

Filthy Phil has done absolutely nothing for Australia ...... might have helped the dwindling population of New Zealand, or so I'm told, but that's got nothing to do with me and my honours.

I would make an official objection to our Governor General but he doesn't seem to be in the country for Australia Day. He's gone to Saudi Arabia to wave bye bye to some rich old coot who's gone to find out how the virgin supply is in paradise. Good luck with that one, boss.

I am developing a theory that maybe I have to wait for an existing dame to drop off the perch, as it were, and then it will be my turn.

Dame Edna is looking a bit shaky so I'll keep my eye on her.

And so, my Oz Day is off to a bad start but I'll do my best to carry on.

Four pounds of sugar!! Alors!

You don't make it from scratch!?!! My goodness, what a cheat. My mum not only makes marmalade from scratch with a.....zest...ha ha and zeal one normally reserves for fighting fires or cleaning the house before the in-laws arrive, she also makes vast quantities of the stuff. We now have a marmalade cellar, where you can descend to the dusty jars and admire such relics as "Dark Seville 1977" or "Not Quite Enough Sugar 2003". She also makes jam and sloe gin, unless it's a particularly good damson year, in which we get Damson gin as well.

Beware bitterness, Andra, it will give you lines!

"Not Quite Enough Sugar 2003", Mayfly! Bin it instantly!

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