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Sunday, 04 January 2015


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I.enjoyed listening to some expert yesterday saying that the problems of the NHS were caused by the fact that the human body was designed for just 40 years. Stretching it to 60 was asking a lot. So just cut off access to medical care after 60 years......

Unless you are ex-military of course.

Absolutely, BOE, especially corporals and above!

A very large chunk of the population that includes almost all Labour voters, regard public provision in the NHS as an end in itself, not merely a means of delivering healthcare. Wales' has less private involvement in the NHS than England and a worse service but politician will boast about saving the NHS from profiteers.

And because the NHS 'service' is so crap all the Taffs are heading for England to get treatment.

By the way, Ross, your excellent site was lost in my last computer disaster so I am delighted to tell you that you are now bookmarked again!

The taboo over here...Medicare.

Ahoy Whitewall !!!

You've surprised (not to say delighted) me.

All our current fuss over Obamacare - speaking as the son of an MD - has at its root, Medicare. S'why "Dear Ol' Dad" told me not to follow in his inter-war Naval footsteps (Dad's plot-bronze lists WWII, Korea, and Nam ... after Korea he went to Med School) anyway Dad insisted that "Once Government gets into the practice of medicine - this was in '62 - efforts to keep our hospital open will inevitably be, for naught."

And with "our" most recent boondoggle, the books since bear that prediction almost certainly.

(Our hospital - for now - is the last County-owned & operated hospital south of the Mason-Dixon.)

JK, you are in the light as usual. VA care is our nation's moral duty to our veterans and the world has seen the scandal ridden bureaucratic clusterflop- yes I spell it poorly--that this medical care turned into. Imagine the insanity of people thinking Obamacare would be workable for an even larger population. Medicare "works" now only because its "budget" is pretty much on auto pilot as no one wants to touch it. AR sounds to be in as much a pickle as New Hampshire regarding hospitals. Here in NC, we are blessed with an abundance of hospitals and military to boot.

Dr. JK...hmm.

Whitewall ... I feel it duty to state VA (mind, I'm limiting to Arkansas VA and very specifically) anyway, I have never had a problem with VA care ... upfront though (and you may've seen me mention over on Dip's - which I'd ask you not to repeat there .. here, since it's D&N .. well David's standards where bona fides is concerned ... anyway you may've seen me make mention of a Reagan era appointment)

What I'm saying is VA in some places, Phoenix comes immediately to mind, VA has always had its "problem children" but Arkansas [generally] isn't one of them. Too, in my case, also specifically, my primary MD is one of the "contract-type" which I can explain if NC doesn't have the type. For specialists and surgery-like stuff I do have to go 3 hours down to Little Rock.

I, as an individual, keep as far as possible from the "business" of medicine so I can't speak to the NH situation. I have many medical practioner and admin types friends though and my continued presence at the dinner tables (or the bars) when the conversation inevitably turns to Obamacare generally, spurs me to hit the billiards table - where the bitching and whinging fairly quickly changes from Obama to 'Lil' o' JK' being the meanest man on the planet.

I can easily link to what makes "our hospital" unique of all those remaining south of the Mason-Dixon Whitewall but, because I'm candidly really fond of JK at this stage, I dare not. ... I did not follow in my Dad's footsteps ... and my actual name has been Wikileaked .. David, SoD, Andra *knew me* before that fuckhead Assange .. well, they tolerate JK out of the goodness of the heart. BOE doesn't know me .. but something he said re the Falklands (paraphrased - " ... because of 'stuff' the Yank Government couldn't help but their military and spooks just got on about it ...") BOE I think could.

Very short "our hospital" [so far] has managed to go without partnering with any other entities. Sure the MDs refer to Specialists elsewhere but when it comes to "the books" it's all in the hands Of The People in one Arkansas county.

I hope Whitewall, I've not got you completely lost (much).

Maybe this one example will do it. When I was a lad of thirteen a "man of the cloth" out of this county stirred some fresh naive honeypots and though *some posse of fellers* ensured he'd be "preaching no more such sermons" the work was wrought. This was in "Old Days Hillbillyland" [when the word "abortion" was only available in the context of Arkansas electing a Republican ... ironically I think, my Dad's involvement in the solution to that area's problem making it the first in the region's Republican strongholds]

Nine sets of adoptive parents were arranged, ten children were delivered of nine young women.

"The fee" for medical services was 24 heifers, 1 young bull and six youngish porcines.

Can you Whitewall, imagine Medicare accepting livestock as a co-payment?

Oh Whitewall, that Gruber feller.

I don't know why the media didn't pick up on him before they did.

I myself posted to Waka back in 2013 a YouTube clip of the guy "explaining" just as FOX is making hay of now. Matter of fact, I'm *pretty sure* I pasted a link to Dip - I don't do hyperlinks - anyway ... I'm pretty certain I'd received a video'd and uploaded to same nearly a year before anybody was paying attention.

I'd have to get as familiar with other archives than David's though. Here, it's easy.

Oh well.

Well JK, that's quite a bit to absorb but yes, we do have contract MDs here--by the boat load. I suspect you are keenly aware of the volume of military presence here in NC so some of the shenanigans that went on in many states have not happened here to a large degree that anyone can far.

Don't worry about me repeating your handle(s)elsewhere. I have more than one myself. Maybe that Assange fellow will leak himself into oblivion someday by crossing the wrong people too often.

If Medicare doesn't right itself pretty soon, livestock will indeed be taken as payment by the Kulaks if they want to stay in business. As for Mr. Gruber, the fellow who accumulated all the You Tube content waited to get as much content from university archives as he could before opening the curtain on the arrogant Gruber. More to come I think. This Obamacare thing has to be gutted like a fish.

JK, JK, too much brandy in the Plum Duff!!
Time for your afternoon nap?

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