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Saturday, 17 January 2015


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Eric Holder is little more than a Crime Syndicate Don.

David, a personal note--you seem to be holding up well on all fronts.

Am I missing something here?
David, is there a problem with your front or your back?

No problem, Andra, it's just Whitewall's elliptical reference to my appearance on another blog.

David that word sequestration I had forgotten about. Mrs Thatcher and her mobsters used it to help starve her own British citizens into history. Scotland is using assets recovered from the criminal fraternity and not one criminal has taken the Gov to court.

The armoured personnel carriers, etc, are given to the locals by the Feds. Sometimes they charge a tiny bit of a price. Sometimes, nothing is charged. If you think this upsets Americans, you are getting warmer. There are local moves in many jurisdictions to rein in the SWAT teams, the military-uniformed police, the APC's used against civilians. Tanks are already forbidden by law, although Clinton used one or two on the religious camp at Waco, right before a fire mysteriously broke out in three different places in a long wood-frame building.(The fire also broke out a few minutes before the tank punched holes through the three stairwells.) The Feds may or may not have set the fires. The holes were rammed through the stairwells on live television. If people outside Texas understood what happened, Clinton would have been impeached and convicted.I am astonished how little people in the Northeast and California know about those events. The press covered up the reality rather well. However, Waco is only a hundred miles up the Interstate from Austin. People send their kids to Baylor University there. There are many family connections. Around here, it was an open secret. I was horrified at the time, when I was still a Democrat. I just accepted the mumbled explanations and went on voting for him, a second time. A slow learner, I guess.

Oops! The fire broke out after the stairwells were hit.

Whereas the fuzz over here are not subject to any sort of constitutional limits and can continue to help themselves to the property of those they merely suspect of being crooks.

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