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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


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David, that is some chilling reading. I wonder how the present day Japanese mind set is after all the years of non war since WW2? I wonder if they will shoot back if shot at?

*Hopefully* David, my good friends at Stratfor will allow the link to transfer (as this is my second attempt - apparently not) ... well I admit I'm logged onto the internal network ...

However as it is my mission - well along with tending the Archives - my mission is to round out the background History:


"If acted on, a statement by Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga that Japan could station public officials on the disputed islands known as the Senkakus in Japan and the Diaoyu in China would mark an escalation in the long-standing territorial dispute between the two countries. It would also mean Japan believes it can handle China's reaction, which could well be strong."

Analysis - Excerpted by lil' ol' ... well me.

"The idea of stationing public officials on the island is not new. Japan has controlled the islands since the United States handed them over along with Okinawa in 1972, but after that time they were held privately by the Kurihara family. In 2012 Tokyo's nationalist governor, Shintaro Ishihara, sought to have Tokyo purchase the islands from their owner and said he would have facilities and workers stationed there. The plan caused a sharp reaction from the Chinese public and government, and threatened to escalate the diplomatic row over the island's status. Then Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda oversaw a solution of sorts by having the Japanese central government "nationalize," or purchase, the islands, which would theoretically maintain the status quo and avoid a scenario where a firebrand politician like Ishihara could take provocative actions that would disrupt Sino-Japanese relations.

"Over the past year, Abe and the Liberal Democrats have consolidated their political position at home. They now control both houses of the Diet and have broad public support. Aside from his well-known economic revitalization plan, Abe's party has an ambitious agenda to speed up Japan's ongoing military normalization. This includes revising defense guidelines, increasing military spending, and making legal (if not constitutional) adjustments to enable Japan's Self-Defense Forces to engage in collective self-defense and widen their range of activities.

"Not surprisingly, China has played a large part in the renewed impetus behind military normalization. China's rising naval capability and territorial assertiveness have caused the Japanese national security establishment to rethink its strategy and defense priorities, with more attention devoted to territorial sovereignty, waters, islands and subsea resources. Notably, the Japanese have sought to increase their amphibious military capability and conduct exercises to practice taking and retaking islands, as they did with the United States in June."

Read more: Japan and China's Escalating Island Dispute | Stratfor
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Now it may be Stratfor - should y'all try this link - might ask your email (and I'll personally have no access to your info ... which is just as well 'cause the twaddlers in HR'd probably want me to switch departments) ... at any rate

That above was from September of 2013 ... at the end note that *sub-sea resources.*

For more detail on that subject I'll need log-off here and get on another network. But in the meantime should any wish more info (in case I'm in the brig) there was in late 2011 a discovery of large deposits of something called Methane Hydrates.

Well. Since I already (may be?) in some heap of trouble [so, what's new] here:

Note the second sentence under "Analysis" Japan has controlled the islands since the United States handed them over along with Okinawa in 1972 ...

That feller Nixon ... clever fellow he.

JK, only Nixon could go to China....remember?

"A dead Jap"...sounds like what my late father would say. He served in the Pacific from 1942-1945 and landed in Japan at the end.

I remember Whitewall. (Oh and thanks by the way, I've not until quite recently felt it "definitive" you are the same here as *there* as I'd had no means to make the connection definitively - but I noticed the link-backs to here. Capitalization you understand. Too, *there* I never noticed reference to NC.)

Our late fathers possibly ... could've been I suppose, in proximity. The timeframe is exactly aligned. Though I'd guess your father unlikely to've been on a minesweeper '42-'43? Carrier '43-'45 then Naval liaison office to McA's HQ '45-'46?

JK, no, Dad never got to stay onboard a ship that long-though he might liked to have-before it was onshore again.

I always figured you knew "I was me" everywhere else. I recently linked back to here to attribute a source of info. It was the proper thing to do.

"Definitively" being the keyword Whitewall. *There* - dip toes - it's hard sometimes to avoid a charge of Blasphemy, perhaps Heresy is a better descriptor.

There ... well thank God for John McCain otherwise, nobody'd admit to The Choir's containing any exceptions.

(Before I noted links back to here and Waka, I was going on Syntax which though in most cases can be dependable, is not therefore, definitive.)

A phoney war has been going on for some in that area. I am sure the oil and other resources will be an issue!
David the BBC have an old Sandhurst 1975 Panorama on the I player. I think you will recognise a particular young future MP.

Steady the Buffs Jimmy.

Who would that be, Jimmy?

Patrick Mercer I am sure.

Well, Jimmy, I only ever made corporal and it took me nine years so I wouldn't know any Sandhurst cadets.

Well David Adolf and Napoleon made it. Maybe you have future when our country needs you even if you were a rubber desk johnie!

JK. Nice one. There is a couple of good AOB clubs in NI were you will be made welcome. Carrickfergus and Belfast Cathedral Quarter.

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