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Sunday, 11 January 2015


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'bout sums it up.

No comment!


Oh maybe one then: -

I am Duff


You got the kernel of the Plum-Duff.

Thank you, Gentlemen.

"they are usually diligent, hard workers "

Weeeell, yes and no. Looking at those from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia, more than half the men and most of the women are unemployed. Have you looked at Pat Condell's latest video effort? This suggests that most of them are likely to stay unemployed.

If you think this is just a small patch on our population; think again. We have well over one million Pakistanis, a third of a million Somalis and I don't know how many from Bangladesh.

My suggestion would be, finding ourselves in a hole, stop digging!


Your stats are supported by that recent survey that showed, remembering off the top of my head, that migrants from Europe had contributed a net surplus £4bn to the exchequer, while non-EU migrants consumed a net deficit £100bn, over a decade.

Why not simply demand that all unemployed benefit claimants, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, or other characteristic feature, must go to a workplace, any workplace, and be there for 35 hours a week and do whatever tasks that business or organisation offers that is within their capabilities and the law in order to receive their benefits?

The employer reports to the benefit office that the individuals concerned were there or not in order for the benefit to be received.

Or even better, the employer pays out the benefit and claims it back from the state by offsetting it against the PAYE bill; then we could sack the entire public sector benefit organisation and all its bogus "employment schemes". And we'd have the private sector tracking down benefit fraudsters to get their offset-able labour cost, rather than expensive and incompetent public sector bodies - remember what happened in London when they privatized the traffic wardens? We went from double parking and clogged highways patrolled by do nothing, unionized, douche bags who cost us a fortune, to an efficiency that was so extreme it needed reining in a few cases!

And if you treat everyone equally in this way, there can be no accusation of racism etc. etc.


This is the opening lines of Condell's Wiki entry:

"Patrick "Pat" Condell (born 1949 or 1950)[2] is a writer, comedian and atheist internet personality. He performed alternative comedy shows during the 1980s and 1990s in the United Kingdom, and won a Time Out Comedy Award in 1991. He was also a regular panellist on BBC Radio 1's "Loose Talk"."

In addition, the entry tells us that he is a 'Kipper' and that Richard Dawkins has praised him.

So what's not to like? Well, everything, really! Although, perhaps he tells the occasional good joke!

"Why not simply demand that all unemployed benefit claimants ... must go to a workplace ... in order to receive their benefits?"

Because the employer would then fire a worker that he pays for out of pocket. You will soon have a situation that you don't want. A single payer state. Everyone is a state employee.

Pat Condell supports UKIP. News to me. Just what has it got to do with anything? You sound a bit like a Tory female MP I heard the other day. She grouped the murderous Muslims in Paris with Nigel Farage - all terrorists she said. I think it is called moral equivalence and is to be deplored. The problem for us is the same as it is for France. We have imported several million 3rd world subsistence farmers. We didn't ask them to come; we would like them to leave. They don't like us or our country.

Being English we are not going to round them up and deport them. I just suggest that we don't import any more. Not a single one. Including their grandmothers.

When did I ever group Farage with murderous Muslims?

"Because the employer would then fire a worker that he pays for out of pocket."

That depends on whether the ex-unemployed person turns out to be better than an employed person. If that was the case, the employer would sack the employed person in favour of the unemployed person, and the market would make the ex-unemployed worker demand the ex-employed worker's wages. The newly unemployed person would then show up on the "benefit" wage, and the newly employed person would show up on the "job wage", and you'd be exactly in the same net position.

That position being: -

(1) The unemployed continue to get their "benefit wage", but actually have to produce something for it instead of nothing sat at home watching daytime TV.

(2) The employed have to sharpen their act up for their pay lest one of the ex-unemployed proves a market challenger to their job. This will lower the price of wages, which we need to do to improve productivity in Britain.

So this ties back to the criticism Pop keeps firing at me when I recite the solution to our economic problems: -

(1) 10% inflation for 5 years (helicopter drop of money)
(2) Reduce public sector spending by 20%

Pop says (1) is do-able, but (2) isn't. (2) is all about productivity and closing the deficit. Sacking the entire social services public sector system and getting the unemployed all producing something while putting pressure on the labour market, is exactly what we need to close the £100bn gap.


BOE..."Being English we are not going to round them up and deport them. I just suggest that we don't import any more. Not a single one. Including their grandmothers". For Britain that is probably a good long term strategy. You might not be able to drain the swamp, but no sense in refilling it either.

Nowe there's a useful overall stat in this link: -

"She also highlighted a study that concluded eight times more Muslims had been killed by Islamist terrorists than non-Muslims."

And that was while the West was on adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we have extracted ourselves from those two main events, and if we continue so to do, to adopt the "referee" position of holding the coats of the two protagonists - Sunni and Shia Islam - while they slug it out (while quietly encouraging them to exert themselves in the slugfest), that ratio should continue to move more and more in our favour.

Now of course, the "wanker in the black" will always come in for some abuse in any vigorous contest, but bearing in mind nearly 1/4 of the world's population will be fully involved in kicking the shit out of itself, we would do well to keep some perspective and realize that a handful of cartoonists every few years in the West will be a small price to pay while Islam goes through its reform and enlightenment metamorphosis.


Lawrence old thing your sense of humour is enlightening. Islam reforming should be an annual event with awards going tae burds disgarding the burka and closing their legs.

Hmm. I'm not sure you're even UKIP.

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