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Thursday, 15 January 2015


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With "Panzerleid" being belted out of speakers attached to said panzers Duffers?

No, AussieD, perhaps "We will rock them" might be more diplomatic!

Diplomatic? FFS mate. Have you been hitting the sherry early?

I believe this is what will be playing from der koningen's lead panzer division.

(Sorry David. I had to do it, particularly as you remarked recently how much you enjoyed a soprano in full flow.)

The Krauts will back down.

Depend on it.

Gott im Himmel, Kevin, fetch the aspirin!

I think you're right, Andrew.

It is amazing how much trouble a small country like Greece can cause within something as massive as the EU. Doesn't seem to be a way out of it.

Easy way out, Germany repatriates Greek gold stolen in the war then no need for EU junk bonds.

'Elf 'n' safety warning', Peter, don't hold your breath!

The Jerries take their constitution very, VERY seriously, and the Constitutional Court was deliberately sited in Karlruhe to keep it away from the politicians in Bonn and then Berlin.
Be a bugger if we have to rely on a German court to put the boot into the Euro-Creepies.

Unfortunately I think we do, Oswald, but I fear that they will have been 'got at'!

If the lefties do get elected and do intend to pull out then thousands of Greeks will leave for Europe as they are entitled to do. The far right will probably take over again in a Coup just like the former Colonels' regime. It will get nasty.

Jimmy, don't democracies eventually commit suicide anyway?

Whitewall. Some do, I suppose it could happen in Britain provided the military support it.
If people feel the democratic government is not protecting them from terrorists then it is a definate prospect. Harold Wilson apparantly feared a Coup.

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