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Monday, 05 January 2015


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From 2008;

Will Rogers Will Rogers !!!

Genuine name for a Country and Western song which my mother has in her possession : "Don't roll those blood shot eyes at me".

I believe, Mayfly, that the second line goes something like 'I can't roll my bloodshot eyes, cos it hurts too damned much!'

JK, I'm always pleased to read P. J. O'Rourke but alas the connection to Will Rogers and my Monday Funnies escapes me. Explain, please!

These funnies are top notch! I must pilfer several of them without shame.

Don't praise them too highly, Whitewall, my script-writers will only want more money!

Excellent start to the year, Duffers.
Let's hope we can keep it up.

My fault (a first here)!

Will Robinson! Will Robinson!

Hope David, you've no aching noggin.

See, I told you. Too much brandy in the Plum Duff!!
JK made a blooper, JK made a blooper.
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
It's the naughty corner for you, my friend!!

I actually look forward to Mondays. Thanks for the laughs. Here's one for you -

A couple is excited to go on vacation to Hawaii.

The wife says, we pronounce it :Ha"-waii, the husband says, "No, it is pronounced, "Ha-vaii".

They see an elderly couple crossing a bridge and ask them, "Excuse me Ma'am and Sir, "Do we say Ha-waii or Ha-vaii?"

The older couple answers, "Havaii"

Thank you!" Answers the young couple.

Hah - the punch line didn't make it

"Your velcome" the elders answer

Well done, Pops, although missing a punch-line would have got you booed at the Comedy Club! In future, if you have any 'Funnies', e-mail them to me. I don't promise to publish everyone, just those I can find first thing on a Monday morning.

JK in the 'naughty corner', an image to relish!

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