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Monday, 16 February 2015


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A forgotten gem starring Louis Jourdan was the 1977 BBC production of 'Dracula.' This particular dramatization stuck closely to Bram Stocker's book and Jourdan was absolutely mesmerising in the role. For my money he was - along with Christopher Lee - the best Dracula Ever.

He will be sadly missed.

Good Grief, Richard, I could never imagine him in the role.

David I logged in just to mention Dracula but Richard got there before me.

and lady's hearts around the world sigh with longing.... farewell Louis

Yes, another good sort gone.
Not many left, sadly.

David, you won't have to use your imagination if you click on the link... which is to the WHOLE mini-series.

And here you have the great 'Letter from an Unknown Woman', the one I like to remember him for.

Crikey, now I have two films to watch - thank you, Gentlemen.

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