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Saturday, 07 February 2015


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Those damn Crusades! Do you really think that Obama doesn't know that the primary drive behind them was an attempt by Christianity to recover people and land occupied by the Arabs? The operative word is recover.

I hope you are right about the collapse of Islam in England under its own weight will come about. It won't if we continue to import fresh immigrants from places like Pakistan. Luckily, we can easily stop that can't we?

Someone needs to remind Obama that he is half Paddy.

Half rice field?

Those who want to reform by returning to the original roots.

Those who want to reform by adapting to the current society.

Both the Reformation and Counter Reformation were of the first category. Eventually the second category became very influential on both sides

Mr. Hobson seems to want an Islamic reformer in the second category.

Consider the possibility that Osama bin Laden is the genuine Islamic reformer of the first category.

All American Presidents are half Paddy. It's a requirement for standing for election. (It's in their Constitution somewhere.)

Mighty good post here David! It seems Obama is getting major heat for his "faculty lounge" speak. Good comments on this thread too!

BOE, it will take steady pressure and then when the public mood is right, a good shove. Rape gangs on the loose can focus the mind.

We are witnessing the struggles of an "American" president learning how to be a subtle Iranian puppet.

I agree - the power of a consumer lifestyle should not be underestimated, which is why it is under attack from a number of directions.

But, BOE, didn't really belong to the Jews? And, no, I'm still not voting UKIP!

Louise, that would Obama as in O'Bama, would it? (Hope you are keeping well.)

Hank, and perhaps the likes of the current president of Egypt will encourage a preacher of the second category - we can but hope.

Alas, Whitewall, I suspect your president struggles to get dressed in the mornings!

Exactly so, Uncle Mort.

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