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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


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David, Gordon Broon was in the forefront in getting people aff benefits and into work.
I know it is difficult for you to give Labour any credit. It was the Tories that allowed the benefit culture to prevail during the fifties and Labour continued with it. The C of E are entitled to express a view as they are on the gound witnessing the food banks. My grannie and ma were C of E and did take the message seriously.

Jimmy, Gordon 'Broon' got some people off benefits by inventing non-jobs in a hugely expanded state sector. We, the poor old taxpayers, are now paying for their inflated salaries and their pensions. We'd have been better off if they had stayed on the dole!

You are right to remind us that the Tories in the '50s allowed the welfare state to expand. They had to because the overwhelming majority of the electorate wanted it that way. Just as today, not one single politician dares to suggest that the NHS is a monstrous, over-bloated, hugely expensive and inefficient system of offering healthcare. It's a religion in this country with more followers than the C of E!

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else." F.Bastiat

He also wrote somewhere that while we attempt to live off the state, it also attempts to live off all of us.

I really must get round to reading this Bastiat fella'. I only came across him a year or two back and everything I see quoted of his is just such excellent good sense.

David, he was quite good and his "The Law" is one of the best reads on the matter of government vs liberty. I have a new copy of "The Law" which was originally written in 1848 while France was undergoing yet another tiresome revolution...into pure socialism. The book is quite short but loaded with timeless wisdom and his day matches our condition almost precisely.

Translated by who, Whitewall?

Originally I don't know as the text is so old. My current copy is from Pacific Publishing


Just bought a copy for - 0.99p on my Kindle!

Wow, you don't waste time! You will devour it.

Allah wept too - I hope: -

Great idea, put the clerics in charge,


How can you beat them Lawrence. They kill and wipe us out then they turn on each other. They are just a blood lust bunch of sects. Sometimes I wish we could have a Churchill a man who takes on the enemy without compromise.

They hate each other more than us.

With dextrous diplomacy, aka shit-stirring, and minimal military involvement, we can get these guys killing each other for generations.

If you read this ...

... you'd think we have an enormous problem. Until you read the paragraph: -

"Portsmouth has been linked to the Syria conflict after a group of young men, who called themselves the Britani Brigade Bangladeshi Bad Boys, travelled out there.

Four of the six are believed to now be dead while a fifth returned and is currently serving a prison term."

More people will die in road traffic accidents in one day in the West than will die in a year from these scumbags once they're stuck right into each other.

Problem solved, I'd say.


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