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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


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She is so ashamed of herself that has vounteered to lead the Cameron Anti-Islamic Brigade. 5000 15- year old Muslim girls are being sent to fight Al-baggy and his men!

I've never heard of this woman and don't need to now, thanks very much.
She looks more Pommie that Aussie anyway.
That which used to be Ayer's Rock is now Uluru and you're allowed to look but not touch!

I dunno. You liked Germaine Greer and Dame Edna so we thought you'd love THIS nutter. Whinge whinge whinge. Bloody poms, never satisfied. Anyhow, you sent us Julia Gillard so fair's fair.

Exactly, Dicko!

Did we send you Julia Gillard? Then all is forgiven and you can send us another six Natalie Bennetts to even the score!

And, Andra, don't start with all that PC name-changing, it's Ayer's Rock and there's an end on't!

BOE, I see that weeks of lolling about in the sun whilst we gritted our teeth through an arctic winter hasn't improved your sardonic outlook. But to cheer you up, I am led to believe that they are looking for volunteers to ensure that all those Muslim gals are virgins. Need I say more ... ?

I find the business with the 3 15-year old girls quite interesting. We are told that these devout young females are under the family thumb, hence their superiority over our really nice English girls. So they are showing interesting initiative in defying their family - or their family encouraged them and arranged their departure.

An indication, perhaps, that I am right in believing that it will be Muslim women demanding, or just taking, the right to act on their own initiative that will drag Islam into the 21st century. It is also the reason why Muslim men cling so desperately to strict adherence to traditional Islamic codes. Pity those girls took the direction they did but still . . .

I disagree David it is more likely the muslims will drag the human race back to 7th century AD. They will never give up their book of violence. If we and our decendents are not prepared to take them on then we go down.

You got her you keep her Duffers. And seeing you are so keen on Greenies from Down Under we'll also let you have Tubsy Milne [Head Green Thing] and Sarah Hyphen Sea Patrol [a.k.a Hanson-Young] who also wanted to be Head Green Thing but was out manoeuvred by Tubsy.

They are seriously strange critters.

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