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Monday, 30 March 2015


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If you switch off cookies for the DT, you can read the thing for nothing.

Being an old meany I go to the Telegraph in private mode and voila all articles open to me. Also try Ixquick search engine. I try not to give the MSM any of my illgotten gains you know the old age pension because they are government mouthpieces.

I use Chrome as my default browser. It allows you to switch off cookies for a single site, which I don't think Safari allows - it's all or nothing. If you switch off cookies, the DT doesn't know how many times you have visited them, otherwise they will cut you off after ten articles. Works for me anyway.

So. What's a "chav" to do? Nice word that, thanks SoD.

Oi, dear duffers, you can get your news like the rest of the world - through the daily mail!

Thanks, fellas, now you tell me after I just spent £60 quid which will keep the Barclay brothers in their usual style for about 3.8 nano-seconds! Anyway, it's no good talking to me about cookies, I always thought they were choccie biccies!

Dear Miss Red, I do, I do, in fact I walk round to the newsagent every morning to buy a copy and as soon as I enter the house 'you know who' snatches it from me and that's the last I see it of it until supper time!

I subscribe to the dam' thing, but I'm damned if I renew it. Pages after page of space-fillers headlined 'research indicates, 'studies suggest' 'scientists say' etc.etc.etc. All total balls, of course.

The wretched print isn't a patch on the old 'Morning Post,' is it David?

I admit nothing, Oswald, several of the lady visitors to this blog, Miss Red, for example, assume I am 26 years old! Actually, I only skim the damn thing - the Telegraph, that is - but I do like some of their commentators. I really couldn't live with Janet Daley telling me what to think!

For the thick, the mean, the throng; I greet you!

If you wish to read the Telegraph, although why anyone would wish to do so beats me; try the following:-

If using Chrome as browser, click on 'customize' open up incognito window, and you may read the Telegraph to your crusty heart's content, ignoring, as you do, that the Teregraph is produced by journalists who earn their pay, and is printed by the Telegraph's production team who also have such aspirations as paying their mortgages, eating: silly, inconsequential things like that!

Regards and salutations.

Thanks, Mike, I think BOE had a similar notion up above but, although I do have Chrome as one of my, er, 'browsers' all that jiggery-pokery is quite beyond me. I just sent hem the £60 quid!

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