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Thursday, 26 March 2015


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David the wee Tory man has survived. Looks like he will be up the long legget Sally's Alley for a while yet.

Looking at him and then looking at her makes me believe he won't last that long. A great deal of good old fashioned lying might help him.

Whitewall he may well die on the job however he will probably carry on as Speaker to the end of the next Parliment.

Jimmy, he sounds like a true public servant. All in for the job.

Alas, Jimmy is right. Bercow will be in the chair for the next parliament and from the look he gave the government benches yesterday when their incompetent plot failed, he will screw them backwards, forwards and sideways.

David. Apparently some of those that wanted rid of him did not turn out to vote. Some calibre of MP's we have! Maybe they were queuing for their end of term expenses!

Thanks, JK, that was very amusing.

Well David, if the previous was merely "amusing"

BOE !!! Where are ye? Here's David's MDD

Nah! Only 'E' for Effort for that one, JK.

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