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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


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I expect he would follow your advice but he has got his head stuck up Obama's backside!

Alas, like so many other prime ministers before him.

But as it happens, BOE, you touch upon a subject - Anglo-American relations - upon which I intend to pontificate when I have sorted out what passes for my mind.

I can't remember where I read this and I'm sure I've completly mangled the idea, but someone said something to the effect that Obama's foreign policy has been to make enemies of the USA's friends and to try but fail to make friends of the USA's enemies.

A fair summary, I think, Kevin.

Try a google on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. A major new initiative by the Chinese that is opposed by Obama, but which the UK, Australia and NZ have joined. Another great success for Obama!

Do pay attention, BOE, or I will have to send you up to the Head! I wrote about the AIIB a couple of posts down! Even so, it is yet another small indicator that the 'tectonic plates' (sorry to use such an old analogy!) are shifting.

So you did! Sorry. No comments tho'. Not even from Whitewall!

I have it on excellent authority that he is cogitating!

I sent 'Bibi' an email congratulating him. This is not the time for a safty when the Jihadists are running amock killing their own.

Bidon insults the NI loyalist community and Obama has a problem with shaking the hand of Edna Kenny. It is put down to a joke. Time for the Democrats to have a rethink about their candidates. Even Nixon tried to be a diplomat. Obama reminds me of Dulles.

"I sent 'Bibi' an email congratulating him."

I thought he looked especially pleased on the news last night!

Obama's new policy toward Israel---spite. Israel's new policy toward Obama--contempt and distrust. Sounds about right.

Spot on, I'd say!

Got a reply from 'Bibi' unlike Chanel 4 News!

What was it, "Oi vey, my life already" or something like that?

It was in Hebrew! But I think he was saying, Jimmy, I will take you for a pint in Glesga where I know I can walk freely doon ra streets without interuption from the loonie lefties.

Have a care, Jimmy, you'll end up paying for the drinks!

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