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Saturday, 14 March 2015


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Horse shoes? I try from time to time but my efforts often result in an odd landing where the horse shoe does a rapid semi circle runner in search of the shins of bystanders. I am gentlemanly enough to yell "look out" for the benefit of those who are about to be wounded.

Well WW, where the blindfolded lady is concerned the fact you yell out a warning would tend to weigh heavily that you're on the gentlemanly side.

Thus in the course of events a "gentleman sportsman" but the scales demand balancing. Hang out here on D&N much?

Throwing horse shoes?! I'd rather watch bog-snorkelling!

JK, yes I am comfy here at D&N. It is the closest thing I have found to "High Brow" blogging. Why after just 10 minutes or so on these pages, I'm sure my IQ rockets upward by a point.

David, the attire for throwing horse shoes is much more refined.

Do they have drug tests for horse shoe pitching?
Frankly, I still prefer bog snorkelling.
Not to mention real estate sign throwing.
I saw that on a TV sports show one day and was quite taken with it.

Andra, the drug of choice has traditionally been "home brew".

Gosh Andra, I hadn't a clue you Aussies had the handle on "Mine & Whirewall's" Quadathalon.

Certainly no doping, caf-fiend the day before is fine but in the five hours before sunup three require a homebrew-drip (Expert Division permitted to Quaff-Gulp) .. two hours pitching betwixt fifteen minutes more homebrew then, five miles of real estate sign pitching ... four miles of 60-Proof "aerosolized" mixed with atmospherically available O2 for the 500 meters (as a nod to the French Revolution) through the "mixed doubles" of more homebrew and more or less shucking horesshews by which time ebren th' Beeb's wut wuz at th' ...

(Barney? Why wuz the Beeb there in the first place?)

Oh yeah.

To dig Pete.

S'cuse me.


Sounds like fun.
Could I have more information please?
In English this time, if you don't mind.

Australian Ladies ✆ BR-549 for instructions in English Please.

Flip Flops only when making International calls for the © Rules. Queensland Callers confused by ✆ may substitute a ☏ or a ☎.

(Please do not squat too closely to the Dr. Who "Squirmly Recognition Camera" on the floor. Unless you Aussie Ladies've dropped your nickel pieces.

If you Aussie Ladies have, accidently - it's a free call.)

That didn't help!

Rowing as a sport is generally fairly sporting.

Hmmmmmn, possibly, Cuffers, but would you really want to spend more than five minutes of your life watching it?

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