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Thursday, 19 March 2015


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At some point, all of us developed countries will learn the true meaning of "fiat currencies" when someone stops the merry go round and asks the rather rude questions like--what is the true value of this asset? How many times have you pledged and then repledged this asset against other obligations? Can get ugly.

Quite right, Whitewall, but I gain the impression - I put it no higher - that in this electronic media world we inhabit, some of the mysteries of high finance are becoming clearer to ordinary people who are beginning to take notice. Gradually perhaps, they will apply pressure to the pols. Well, a man may hope, may he not?

Look here chaps this life is just for entertainment value only. We are about to witness a Greek tragedy a British farce the USA is still stuck in the mocking bird syndrome China is still Confucius but with money and power, I doubt if Livingstone can be found in Africa but it is still a dark and wild place and the French are going mad about Waterloo.We thought last week the Czar and family were on their way out. Just chose your genre.

I'm with you Peter!

Dammit, Sir, this is no laughing matter, er, but you did make me giggle!

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