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Saturday, 28 March 2015


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I think even climate scientists find Doctor Fraudpants tiresome. Steve McIntyre lays into him yet again on his latest "paper".

There is probably no field for potential fraud and hucksterism like the "climate religion". Not even the health industry can produce the volume of "credentialed experts" to match this gold mine.

Mister Steyn can only hope Mister Fraudpant's litigators don't cite how long the climate can support a wafting asbestos fiber.

(Or for that matter, second-hand or even zillion-hand tobacco smoke.)

JK, did those tornados cause much havoc in your neck of the woods? Tulsa area got it pretty bad.

Not my neck Whitewall, at least the windies, (there was a waterspout on Bull Shoals pert damned impressive - but being water, didn't count) Got some hail though. The tornadoes and most of the derechos and rogues were where you're more familiar with.

Not you so much Whitewall but rather for David to comprehend Arkansas' lakes are big enough to support sech.

Water spout, my eye! That was Barney Magroo's still blowing up!

Uncle Mort, good to see Steve McIntyre still dishing it out in fine form!

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