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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


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Looking at the photos of these two people reminds me of that lyric "I'm too sexy for my clothes...". Sung by somebody I don't remember.

Whitewall I think it was Right Said Fred that did it but I am sure David will know as he is probably a Saturday BBC Radio 11 listner to Tony Blackburn.
David I suppose if you have the money and time then shagging all day beats going to work and keeps you fit. He would have made a good Muslim.

I enjoyed your post, thanks.

But I must admit the entire Bloomsbury set are high on my list of people I would prefer never to hear of, from, or about, for the rest of my life - along with Madeleine McCann, Jade Goody, Russell Brand, Princess Diana, Nicola Horlick, Amanda Knox, and a few other public nuisances.

Does this make me a crabbit old git?

Guilty, m'Lord!

It was your wife, Whitehall, for goodness sake, wake up!

Jimmy, I can say quite honestly that I have never knowingly listened to BBC Radio II, and certainly not Mr. Blackburn.

Sentencing will follow, Mr. Duffin but you must expect at least 20 years non-stop 'sleb' TV shows!

David. Just aff subject. Anglo Irish Defense Agreement. Michael Fallon has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with his Irish counterpart Simon Coveney. Not mentioed in the press!

MY WIFE!? damn. She has been off the Manor a lot the last few years.

Ah, the old 'Plan W' of 1940! You and I will remember that, David. I recall you moaning about how difficult it would be driving your 'Matilda' tank on the Irish cart tracks of the time.

My comment on that Daily Mail article you linked to was picking up on this:

"Brooke liked to compartmentalise his life"

Yes it is called "being English". Nothing wrong with that. Not everyone needs to know you are obsessed with growing marrows, or shagging sheep, or singing Anglo-Saxon drinking songs. Indeed it is a nasty modern failing to inflict everything you are upon everyone you know.

So, de Havilland is reading D&N? Duff, you've made the big time now!

Jimmy, you have me on the hip. I am second to none in acknowledging Irish ferocity in battle so I would prefer to have them on my side but, alas, can you ever totally trust those Fenians?

I think, Oswald, it would have been the Irish who were more worried about me even riding a bike along their cart tracks.

Welcome to D&N, Perry, and who, pray, told you about my prize-winning marrows?! As for the sheep, let me assure you, sir, we are just good friends!

Quite so, Michael, 'Samizdata' was one of the very first blogs I ever started reading.

David. The Fenians long gone to history although they did apparantly invade Canada which is worth a mention! Such a pity the ROI did not fight Adolf which is something some of the Yanks and Canadian visitors to NI seem to be ignorant about. I met a couple of elderly business people in Bushmills NI and they were unaware of the ROI role during the war. I was pleased to enlighten them.

Seeing how D&N is among the more avant guarde within the webosphere, I'm surprised this didn't get an above the fold mention-

Frankly I'm glad for this as I long ago ran out of excuses.

That is why, 'Whitewall, prior to marriage I insisted on measuring the Memsahib's rear end in all directions in order to ensure that it complied with specifications! I regret to say that the response was not befitting a lady! But what the hell, I married her anyway!

David, the first time I read this blog I sensed you were a detail oriented man.

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