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Friday, 06 March 2015


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Productivity and defence are the two most important "issues" of our time in Britain, and hardly a mention in the policy debate from any of the parties.

The major sump of productivity in Britain is in the large monopoly corporates and the public sector. There must be millions working in the energy, mainstream media, mobile telecomms, banking, pharma, supermarket, NHS, education, central and local government, who puff and blow marketing bullshit and management newspeak at each other and produce nothing.

These companies operate fake competition, where each offers "new customers only" deals, knowing full well they'll gain as many newbies as they'll lose, but none will have to put the prices down, but all can claim falsely that this is competition to keep the monopolies regulators off their backs.

There is a large mobile telco I know that has a campus the size of a small town, in which tens of thousands of "marketing bullshit and management newspeak" graduates from the "new universities" jabber incessantly at each other for 50 minutes in glass bubble meeting rooms, spill out into the 3 or 4 onsite Costas and restaurants for a ten minute jaw rest, before back for another 50 minutes, repeated all day long.

The masts all went up years ago and the phones are made in China. A handful of break-and-fix engineers could run the lot, and your mobile phone bill would be peanuts.

These places are sinks for Britain's vast hidden unemployment, that if released would at least equal France's unemployed.


It's interesting when you just quickly do some sums on it: There are probably 3 million "marketing bullshit and management newspeak" merchants on an average of £40k per annum who produce fuck all, who could be on a benefits package of £10k per annum for the same fuck all, thereby saving 3 million times £30,000 equals £90 billion.

Wanna know where the deficit goes?


Language, Lawrence! Who brought you up? Oh . . . !

David, I am learning an increasing respect for SoDs offerings on different subjects. As he is descended from Royalty, please just chalk some of the language up to the "flair of writing" needed to reach some of the lower ranks. His points are good.

Lawrence how do you fancy a system where we do not borrow but just live on the tax income. Would that upset the lenders and those that do not like paying tax? Who are the lenders? No one seems to want to name them. They are just financial institutions!

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