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Monday, 16 March 2015


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David it could be the case that most successful blacks do not give a shit about the past but join in when the moaners are rioting because the police are preventing crime. Immigrants in general do work hard and try to improve their lot and for their children. Blacks need to fight the mafia within their communities to move on or just stagnate and dwell in the past blaming the white man. I do wonder if the US blacks realise that their felow white men do not all live in luxury.

Another problem is the attitude seen here:

Do you remember some Muslim saying that he accepted UK benefits because they were the payment demanded of infidels by the Koran? The American blacks quite sensibly are plugged into the deal where all those stupid white people keep them in the style they deserve. Obama doesn't care because 94% of them vote for him no matter what he does.

The solution for both Muslims and Afro-Americans is quite simple - cut off the money!

It's exactly the same in Australia.
I can't say anything else.
Apparently it's politically incorrect and against the rules to speak the truth.
Shades of the king is nekkid!

Sorry, Dom, I couldn't finish that fascinating link because my blood pressure went off the scale! It sums up absolutely everything that is wrong in black/white relations in the USA. Worst of all is the fact that the puppet-masters behind it know exactly where that sort of policy will lead.

Pretty good work here David. The Democrat party will never let go of the black population. They have not in two centuries.

David you should not be shocked but do be sad of course and moreso for the teachers many who will crack up and leave. And do remember the London school that was teaching the Marxist dogma when the GLC Kremlin had power. Forgot the name of the school but I am sure you have the ability to dig it up.

David I should have mentioned that the London school did attempt to teach something however onerous unlike the USA school authorities that seem hell bent in denying education.

Sorry, Jimmy, I can't remember the school you mentioned but anything from that Livingstone era is beyond horror!

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