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Thursday, 05 March 2015


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Mad Donna did all those unsavory things way back then and infected a generation of young girls. Sometimes, we asked what's left for her to do...Flush? Glad she is over there with you folks. Please keep her.

No, no, 'Whiters', I keep telling you, it's food parcels you're supposed to be sending to us!

Just look at blazingcatfur for a lovely pocture of the next US president!

Being serious for a second, after all the abuse he does make some good points about what one is permitted to think and say and what one isn't.

And besides, I don't think I've aged any better than poor old Madonna. I always admired her sexuality, even though now I'd probably offer her my bus seat.

BOE, er, you haven't moved to Arkansas by any chance, have you?

And, 'Cuffers', I'm beginning to worry about you, too! 'Admired her sexuality'?! She's about as sexy as the toothless old tart who used to hang around the entrance road to Nee Soon Transit Camp in Singapore (circa 1962) and whose efforts to raise some business from the passing 'Toms' was somewhat undermined by the fact that when she lifted her skirt she was wearing army PT shorts underneath!

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