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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


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but by then or before the UK will be controlled by pigmented people - either marxist or muslim.
The whites will be in nursing homes - at best.

The likelihood that Scotland leaves the Union is a fair assessment although it is not something I would look forward too moreso as I believe the nationalist fundamentalists would give those of us Brits a difficult time if we raised our heads. Also the Nats are just lying about retaining the monarchy to obtain votes. I do believe that border controls are a certainty considering the attitude towards immigration by the Nats and lefties. I continually argued during the referendum that England would look after their own interests as they are fully entitled to do. It seemed to evade a lot minds that things would not plod on as normal if Scotland left the Union.
I doubt Wales would ever vote to go it alone mainly for geographical and economic reasons. And a final point would England have to allow Scottish and Welsh trade to pass through English territory moreso if England left the EU?

Thanks for cheering me up first thing in the morning, John!

If Scotland does split, Jimmy, I doubt that our politicians will handle it well. In my view, if they want to go let them go but only on our strictly self-interested terms.

Unfortunately I think you are right and the Union will break up - not an outcome I wousld want but there comes a stage when you can't keep begging themto stay.

My view is neither party will benefit except Alex Salmon and his cronies,and this in a purely personal jobs for the boys way.

Re the USA I recommend After America by Mark Steyn. Makes for depressing reading.

Hmmmmn, I might be tempted to take Steyn's book on holiday in May even if it ruins the trip!

Well, I can report that we here in the US have been trying to deliver some kind of capitalist future to our neighbors in Central and South America for longer than I have been alive. Those clowns, to be heavily descended from European societies, seem to keep falling prey to various dictators, strongmen, Communist hustlers and some I haven't thought about. I have been in and out of Latin America for good and for not so good reasons in my younger days. They just can't bring themselves to succeed even though their lands are loaded with natural resources.

And, alas, Whitewall, they are heading your way in increasing numbers!

David, I wonder, did my email of yesterday manage to reach you? It might have seemed unorthodox.

Yes it did, Whiters, and I replied to it. Didn't strike me as unorthodox but then I've always been a bit of a nonconformist!

David, unfortunately my computer system doesn't allow me to pick up Outlook deliveries. I have to receive incoming through the email I used to contact you. Maybe I will upgrade one day.

For goodness sake, 'Whiters', shuffle into the 21st century!

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