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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


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I can't tell if the Japanese have been rendered as docile as the Germans. Anytime someone wants to cut off Germany, they resort to the "finger of condemnation" as Germans comply from rote. But Japan? I know little of them as they are so far away. There are those younger in Germany who are fed up with the quilt over their past and are starting to make some noise. Not sure about Japan. As I understand it, much of Japan's past has been omitted from their public education.

Well, Whitewall, according to the media the Japanese government have started taking steps to repeal the constrictions under which the Japanese military have been hog-tied since 1945. Obviously this is in re-action to Chinese bellicosity but where it will end no-one can tell. But as I say above, if Washington is shrewd it will appear to stand back but quietly encourage the Japs and thus give the Chinese something to worry about close to home. Same goes for South Korea.

As Japan and China square up over those tiny islands in the Coral sea, we might get an answer to the vexed question of whether militarism in a nation is genetic or cultural.

It is possible to make the argument that the reason for the Romans turning into Italians, (or the Greeks turning into greeks, Brits turning into europeans, etc. etc.) was because of immigration from the outer regions of the empire into the core.

The Japanese, however have always resisted any invasion of outsiders into their central islands so that, when the Chinese come calling, any failure of resistance can only be cultural.

My money is on the cultural degeneration rather than genetic, so Sayonara Nippon.

That is a fascinating line of discussion, Kevin, which, by coincidence, chimes with a social/military book I am reading on Regency Britain at the time of Waterloo. 'Stay tuned' for a blog post on the subject any minute!

I think we should get the SAS to bid for the contract at the Vatican which is in the hands of the William Tell mob. As of this moment they have only had one Pope shot and wounded in modern times and this is from a nation that in defence terms has a Swiss army knife, and all of the rich people ask them to look after their money. We could do that.

This would be a good idea - but only if the SAS was privatised!

Also, Peter, aren't "the William Tell mob" a bit good with bows and arrows?

You might think of Indonesia as a growth threat - especially to Australia.
Vast numbers of keen Muslims living on islands that straddle trade routes Should think of this.
Mass procreation looks to be the atomic bomb of the future.
Hence goodbye he west.

Well, if "mass procreation" is the new weapon of the 21st century, then dammit, Malplas, stand to your duty like man! And 'SoD' had better watch out in case he gets a late brother or sister!

John malpas. Mass procreation is just natural. But that does not mean the British or any other country have to allow the procreated from other countries to enter.

those tiny islands in the Coral sea are a long way from where China and Japan are squaring up to each other Kevin. It sits of the north east coast of Oz and is our bit of water.

Sorry Oz, my grade F GCE in joggraffy is showing.

You should have been an Admiral, Kevin, we could have sent you down to the Coral Sea and you would have shelled Australia - oh dear, what a pity, never mind!

We have had enough "help" from Pommie officers previously in places like Singapore and Gallipoli but thanks for thinking of us.

Andra I believe a parade to commemorate the landings at Gallipoli will be held in London next month. The Lancashire Fusileers were first to land and half were wiped out. Then the slaughter began. The poor Anzacs took one hell of a toll. Bad planning and the Turks were waiting for them.

One of my grandfathers was in the Lancashire Fusileers, but not in Gallipoli. By that time he had been wounded in France; repaired and transferred to the Royal Engineers. He also fought in the Boer War. This has got nothing to do with anything.

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