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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


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Well, let's keep it simple. 80% of the Islamo-fascists are Sunni. So we should go with the majority and kill the Shia. Luckily this fits in with supporting the richest muslims (Saudis) and the best armed - the Egyptians. Of course, there are some untidy bits - Syria for example.

BOE's completely right!

"Sell 'em shit" on the Saudi dime then, have the Saudis blow the stuff they financed blowed up.

Win win.

"there are some untidy bits"

In this context that must rank as the understatement of the year! But thank you anyway, Gentlemen, even if the really big question remains unanswered - do Obama and Kerry have a clue?

Was that another of those QTWTAIN thingies.?

I would think that Obama's biggest achievement is to lose the trust of everyone involved! The US Congress has already explained to the Persians that anything he agrees to can be reversed by the next President. Just by a stroke of the pen, as Obama says........

Oswald, it's not yet dry martini time so I can't possibly work out "QTWTAIN".

Quite so, BOE.

The thought of Muslims "a killin" each other has always left me with that "my how they do go on" feeling. I couldn't figure out why so many people wanted to stop the Iran-Iraq war. Since the world, and especially the Middle East, have figured out that Obama and by extension America, can't be trusted...maybe for now the Sunni-Shiite war is a gift. It is surely a byproduct of the groveling "negotiations" between Iran and that sack of hammers John Kerry. Somehow B. Hussein Obama must see a bit of Woodrow Wilson in the mirror with a dash of Neville Chamberlain along side shaking his head. Or maybe Obama is our Gorbachev. If this Iran "deal" gets done, add in a touch of Julius Rosenberg.

Not sure we should be backing the majority.

We should back the little guy, until he becomes the big guy, and then switch sides, and repeat ad infinitum, so the conflict never ends.

At the same time, make sure Putin goes down and the Russian Federation collapses before the Saudis go the same way, so that we in Europe can embrace the pro-West remnants of the Russian Federation (Old Muscovy) and buy cheap Rooskie energy when the Saudis try to put the oil price through the roof to save their skins.

That is unless Uncle Sam would like to invest in those East coast shale export terminals to keep "ol' Ma and Pa Europe" in the luxury to which he / she has become accustomed?


B of E. We should support the Shia and help kill off the majority Sunni. This will even things up a bit. Then we can assist in helping both sides kill off each other. You know it makes sense!

We need to rid ourselves of the idea that Islam is a monolithic thingy! It isn't. It is split on national, racial and religious grounds. We can therefore pick and choose. We might support the Shia government of Syria. They might be Shia Muslims, but many Muslims don't think they are actually Muslim at all. We should incite the Arabs in the south of Persia. And the Kurds of course, especially the ones in Turkey. There are endless opportunities to engage in meddling. Look at how successful Obama has been! All the main Arab countries have had their economies wrecked by Obama and the Persian economy has been subject to sanctions for the last six years.

B of E. It is inded a fickle situation more so with Saudi attacking Yemen, however Israel is getting a bit of respite to regroup and rearm for the next looney attack. And of course the looney left will attack Israel for defending herself. At least Easter is upon us once again and something to celebrate. Time to roll the egg downhill.

QTWTAIN: "Questions To Which The Answer Is No."
Like "Are we downhearted?"
Or, perhaps more to your taste, the routine question asked by the officer whose duty is to visit the ORs at dinner.
OFFICER (languidly): "Any complaints, chaps?"
SQUADDIE (rising to his feet): "Yes sir, I..."
OFFICER (aside): "Take that man's name, Sergeant."

O.T. How true. The bully beef and pom are excellent, Sir.

Can't think why you are all so keen to get involved in someone else's dog fight. Let 'em get on with in and then let us swear undying friendship to whoever wins.

Thanks for the education, Oswald, I'm just not up on these acronyms. Talking of military questions, I remember hanging around in barracks with other civilian lads as new recruits gradually trickled in to form a new squad. One day a Sergeant walked and asked if anyone could read music or play an instrument. Gradually, three nervous hands were raised at which point the sergeant said, "Right, you, you and you, get over to the Corporals' mess and shift the piano back to the Sergeants' mess." As you say, QTWTAIN'.

As an aircrew cadet, I was subjected to this. As a Sgt, I trailed round behind the Orderly Officer. Finally, elevated beyond my dreams, I took my turn as Orderly Officer. Not once did anyone complain! And in my early years, the food was disgusting, especially I remember that in the Sgt's Mess in RAF Kinloss. In SCOTLAND Jimmy!

B of E. My da was with the RASC in the Middle East during the war. He did the three month cooks course that taught him how to make a great delicacy called bully beef fritters. He said that when the duty ossifer walked round the canteen asking how the food was and anyone complained they were on dixie bashing duties for a week and no leave passes.

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