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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


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It all sounded a bit anaemic to me! As I started my RAF career in Coastal Command, it is not surprising that my first two overseas trips were to Gib and Malta. The Gut on a Saturday night when the Navy was in town was very educational to a shy young man from Wiltshire!

David I had the privilege to visit Portsmouth for the Trafalgar Bicentenary. There was over forty visiting navies. The shore patrols were kept busy. Even the ugliest burd could pull. I wish the Yanks well as they are always welcome over here.

BOE 'n Me Know "She [& maybe these *Imptoved Deys*] " ... Can't be Overt 'Peg-Boys' anymore whore US Navy gals handing out MREs in Estonia wishing, they [the girls ... maybe/maybe not] were someplays else]


You David recall that 'sometime ago' commentor here Able saying he "knew a hillbilly gal in Ravenden" ... cain't recall perzactly ...

Last I heard he was fine. Next time I heard I worried he'd gone on dope or something as I'd been given, intimated, "E's stonyad" and, "like as not next time opportunity avails it'll be purt near, YDS I might run into him next.

"My" calendar's next marked for AK mid season from now.

I know David you, consider me well ... as is said in the Ozarks Liar but, where could I go from there?

Ah, sailors as they have always been. Pent up testosterone. Maybe that's why the Navy wanted me to fly.

JK, I have sent your recent comments to Bletchley Park and I hope to receive a decrypt in due course! However, you mentioned 'Able' and I must say I do miss him. If anyone is in contact with him do please give him a nudge and tell him to come back. Same goes for 'DM' but he got the hump over something or other.

As an Air Despatcher in Singapore's RAF Seletar in 1965, we hosted a bunch of Americans on leave from their base in Korat in Thailand. While trying to get them to appreciate the differences in taste (and quality) of Tiger, Anchor, and San Miguel beers, we also introduced them to the Bugis Street game (no, not that one!). For those in the know, the street ran east to west and the plan was to drink until the sun rose and the rays travelled along the street and reached your table. Oh what fun! I'm glad to say the Empire more or less held it's own, though they got sweet revenge when we visited them and played on their ground, though received some respect as some assumed our blue berets and Air Despatch Dakota shoulder badges meant we were Special Forces, an assumption we played to the limit!

Ah, dear old Bugis Street - I was there in '65. I remember sitting there one night watching the place which was heaving with sailors because one of our carriers was in - we had some then! A very young sailor was much taken with one of the few hookers who was drop dead gorgeous. Of course, us 'old hands' knew what that meant as did some of the lad's older and wiser shipmates who, nevertheless, urged him on to give it a try. Approximately two minutes later he returned in haste and ashen under his recently acquired tan! No need to tell you why, Penseivat!

"Kaitai" (boygirl) if my memory serves me well. Was aware but never participated. Was true to the virtuous daughter of an RAF Warrant Officer - well, virtuous up until she was found in the middle of the sports field being shagged by an RAF Regiment Cpl (substantive, mind you) after a Malcolm Club do. Your ears aren't burning are they?

Er, no, Penseivat, not my ears . . .


Pity the carrier didn't stop at Plymouth it's about time Union Street got it's reputation back

Oh, I see, it was that sort of 'union' it was named after!

Millbay Road fullfilled that particular need,so i have been told.

"so I have been told."
Missus just walked in the room, by any chance, Marc?

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