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Monday, 23 March 2015


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Ash Carter is an odd sort for the Obama team. He might actually believe what he told Mr. Fallon. Unfortunately, Carter's boss doesn't share or care a whit. Until the post America post Western Obama is gone, no friend or ally has a friend or ally in America. Believe Obama at your peril. His goal is payback on behalf of the modern Left who have been so wrong about the goodness and benefits of Western Civilization.

Come to think on it, it is not just Britain he dislikes, but Europe as a whole and that, by extension, includes the "cousins Down Under". Obama has even gone so far as to leave the Gulf States allies feeling screwed blued and tattooed. And then their is Israel.

All that is true of Obama who seems to bear almost a personal animus against the 'old allies'. Even so, there are too many people in Britain - especially those who never stop wittering about 'the special relationship' - who fail to realise that international politics is almost entirely based on self-assessments of national interest. The main problem with Obama and his 'apparat' is that they have failed to understand their true self interest.

" I’m not sure of the arrangements, perhaps some of you can advise, but I understand that the actual viability of our missiles depends very much on American input."

Just the missiles you be asking?

(As I understand it, hedged, ... the warheads and "associated gear" is BAE & Rolls Royce so ... )

Well then, perhaps it is the codes but I have a feeling that America can, in extremis, stop our nukes from operating.

Can't, with certainty say, but I seem to recall there being some thingamjiggery having to do in some way somehow with the Guidance delivery.

Any entity firing one of the things would probably want to be pretty sure where it'd land.

Thinking along the lines of not wasting a good crisis, perhaps this is the time to gracefully bow out of our relationship with the Americans. We remain a member of NATO and if possible, retain our SLBMs. Obama is changing his country into a Spanish-American country. A sort of gigantic Brazil. We are friendly enough with Brazil, but we don't bomb other countries when they tell us to.

So, we just gently wave farewell.....

Quote from a friend who worked with Americans at NATO HQ: "The Americans are great team players - as long as the team is America"

Why don't you Poms get Jeremy Clarkson to run England (or even Lesser Britain) for you?

He's not busy at the moment and will be more fun, at the very least, than the bunch of ratbags you've got now!

Oh God, Andra, do we really deserve to be run by a thick, minor public school lout with delusions of grandeur like him?

Well David, whoever it is, is likely to thick public school of some stripe, and most definitely with delusions of grandeur.

I don't see the problem personally.

Clarkson could be a possible Tory candidate in the future maybe PM. He has five years to do it. People who think an automobile is an extension of the penis may vote for him. All he has to do is join the Tories if he has not already done so.

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