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Tuesday, 03 March 2015


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Off Topic...missred, if you see this, have you by chance sent a swarm of emails throughout the Duffosphere? I have one that does appear to be from you but I'm not so sure.

Yes, Whiters. We all got one.
Just delete it and worry no more.

Thanks Andra...and here I thought I was special.

Nah! That Miss Red, she puts herself about all over the place, nearly as bad as that Andra ... oooops!

David! Hide thyself!

David do not worry about the 'Jock in me'. During the seventies a Glesga Tory councillor suggested that pensioners should spend more time on the buses to keep warm. What he did not know (as Tories do not use buses) is that the buses were frozen due to a lack of spares from British Leyland and drivers were being taken from frozen buses into ambulances. That is why the Tories are a rare species in Scotland due to a few arses in their ranks.

And, of course, the lack of spares from Leyland was due to the 'Bruvvers' in the militant unions of the day!

Wow, sorry about those dodgy emails. I may have just hit the reply all when remarking on Dear Duffers witticisms and this was not down to nasty spam, viral, wormy thingies.
and you, Dear Duffers, I will deal with later!

David the unions were not militant but just some dedicated activist commies that managed to take over the branches temporarily. The old show of arms and the cardboard ballot boxes! with ballots for non voters stuffed in and the dedicated committee counting the votes. AYE.

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