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Wednesday, 04 March 2015


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I totally reject the idea that I have sense of humour problem. In fact, by voting for Nigel and his troops I am demonstrating that I am good for a laugh! Vote for YMD or Miliband or Mr Petulance and you will get another five years of what we have just had. Just think, by 2020 we will have another couple of million Muslims living amongst us! They might even have penetrated to the Dorset border lands.

"the Dorset border lands"!!!!!

Now my sense of humour has done a runner!

Even so, you will also know that the Conservative party will try to bring down taxes in line with reducing government spending

Good luck with that mate. Our so called conservatives promised the same. Granted they scuppered the bloody Carbon Tax and Mining Tax but other than that sweet bugger all.

Should also have mentioned they also stopped the illegal boat arrivals so did relieve a bit of the burden on the taxpayer.

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