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Sunday, 08 March 2015


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You are a veritable latter day Charles Darwin Duffers. Off to the Galapagos for you to study what the tortoise taught us.

Thanks, AussieD, I can expect your cheque in the post fairly soon then!

Yup. Redeemable in person at any reputable bank in Uzbekistan

TBH, you've just described the behaviour of many humans.....

You need to put out Niger seed and the dried mealworms in feeders that have something to catch the contents. Wood pigeons cannot feed from the feeders, so they waddle about, pecking up the stuff the other birds throw out.

Also, you can risk scaring them off, as the other birds will come back, but the wood pigeons tend to become more wary. If all else fails, well, my grandmother used to pay a boy to get her a brace as he walked over his father's fields, protecting the new seedlings. Perhaps we could introduce that system here.....

I tried Niger seed but it gets everywhere so I stick to sunflower hearts. I have a table feeder with some wire round it to keep the 'pigs' out and let the others in. However, the 'chaffies' do like to feed on the ground so I have to put some down and then stand guard to see off the interlopers! I'm going to try a fat-ball of some sort to see if I can increase the number of tits.

Ah unusual, all my mum's chaffies sit in the bushies, fly in at opportune moments and then fly back to the bush. mind you, it may have something to do with the number of cats that lurk around, These chaffies are the survivors!

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