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Sunday, 29 March 2015


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"actually, I'm off to lunch in a minute at The Tippling Philosopher so I'm not at all sure if I will be capable of any more 'rumbles'!". Will it be due to the tippling or the philosophizing?

Oh, by the way, since I had to take a peek from sheer curiosity, will you return there next week and help with the Elvis imitations?

Alas, 'Whiters', the entertainment on offer at 'The Tippling' has gone down in standards:

Well David, I see what challenges present day "Porters" are up against. Most of that previous "dutiful adherence" to the spirit and even letter of the law would be frowned on today. Using a swinging body for target practice should not be such a challenge today as automatic firearms make good aiming unnecessary.

Hmnnn! I wonder if I could arrange the hanging of the Elvis impersonator?

By the way, did you have time to click on the history of the pub?

Yes I did. Very pivotal it seemed even in such a small community. This sort of place is well in my comfort zone. I appreciate old traditional places with lots of history. I even showed the site to my wife and she nodded with an "Oh yes". Seems even centuries ago, politicians were the same as today.

Wasn't there some sort of cricket thing going on?
Who won, I wonder?

Alas, today the pub has very little about it to indicate its old age, except possibly the flagstone floor in the centre - probably nicked from a church 'back in the day'! Still, very decent Sunday pub lunch and it's within staggering distance of home so no worries about breathalysers and all that. Slept like a log this afternoon!

Cricket, Andra? What cricket? Oh, you mean that game of rounders your colonial chaps are so awfully good at. Who won? Dunno and care even less!

Oh, I dunno, Duffy! Changing the clocks twice a year is a bit of fun. (But my great-grandmother, born about 1860, always kept her clocks on what she continued to call 'God's Time,' and be damned to Mr. Asquith and Mr. Lloyd George).

Mr. Thake, if changing clocks is your idea of fun please don't invite me for a night out! However, your great-grandmother was entirely right and I shall raise a glass to her memory later this evening.

OT. My grandfather used the term 'God's Time,' according to my father. My granda had one of those old fob watches on a chain. He was born 1875. Maybe it was because he was a Bethany Hall Evangelistic!

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