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Saturday, 07 March 2015


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Talking of things racial. What is happening re Rotherham? Any "Asians" been slotted? What about the useless bloody people in authority? How many of them are staring down some serious jail time?
All seems to have gone quiet.

I've just listened to a discussion of Prime Minister's Questions. Usual complaints of too much noise and unanswered questions. But the fact that the PM doesn,t answer a question is almost as revealing. Just imagine if Obama had to appear before congress and take questions. No teleprompter just nasty questions. He would find it hard to continue lying about his lies.

There's alot David, that, just looking at the Brown case in isolation, leaves alot more of what the problems in Misery actually amount to.

(You'll have noticed perhaps ol' JK mentioning from time to time the only reason JK travels to Misery nowadays is for beer - and the beer store is just a mere one hundred feet north of the Arkansas line.)

"In nearly all the towns in St. Louis County, the prosecutors and judges in these courts are part-time positions, and are not elected, but appointed by the mayor, town council, or city manager. According to the recent white paper published by the ArchCity Defenders, the chief prosecutor in Florissant Municipal Court makes $56,060 per year. It’s a position that requires him to work 12 court sessions per year, at about three hours per session. The Florissant prosecutor is Ronald Brockmeyer, who also has a criminal defense practice in St. Charles County, and who is also the chief municipal prosecutor for the towns of Vinita Park and Dellwood. He is also the judge – yes, the judge — in both Ferguson and Breckenridge Hills. Brockmeyer isn’t alone: Several other attorneys serve as prosecutor in one town and judge in another. And at least one St. Louis County assistant district attorney is also a municipal court judge.

"I had a felony criminal case in state court a few weeks ago,” says a local defense attorney, who asked not to be quoted by name. “Sometimes criminal cases can get contentious. You have to do everything you can to defend your client, and sometime your interaction with a prosecutor can get combative. A few days later, I was representing a client who had a few warrants in a municipal court where the same prosecutor I was just battling with is now the judge.


"Drive along an approximately 10-mile stretch along the east-west Route 115 (also known as the Natural Bridge Road), and you’ll cross through sixteen different municipalities. At some points along the route, you’ll find one town the right side of the road, and a separate town on the left. There are similar stretches along St. Charles Rock Road (also known as Route 180) to the south, along I-70, and along the I-170 bypass. The town boundaries are drawn in such a way that each municipality in the area gets a stretch of highway, which can be a lucrative source of revenue. “Theoretically, you could be driving home from work on this road, and if you have expired tags or no inspection sticker, you could get pulled over 16 different times in 16 different towns, and written up for the same violations each time,” Harvey says."

AussieD, good question. We get barely a peep over here on the matter. To find out anything about this, we scan British papers and more importantly, good blogs like this one. Some of Rotherham has taken place here and the media tries to squelch the coverage. Our media are covering for too many politicians of a certain persuasion so they don't have to take questions. Maybe the same regarding Rotherham. Some questions can't be allowed to be asked, because the answers can't be allowed to be spoken. This set up will allow pressure to build until the public finally gets enough and the lid blows off once and for good.

We are watching all this closely. Some of us with life experience in these matters from the "old days" of the Cold War, also have a deep grasp of the operational Left and their lust for agitprop. The Left has needed an event like Ferguson. They needed it badly and want it for the narratives of grievance. Grievance is profitable. In the interim between event and eventual discovery of the truth, there is ample time for all the agitprop you listed in your post. That is their way and has been so for a century. For the American Left, it is either the 1930s or the 1960s all over again. Those two decades are where they live.

WE are well aware of the lust for Liberal Fascism by the likes of Holder and Obama and the rest of their breed. We are aware and prepared.

Missouri Whitewall, isn't all Ferguson.

Back in the mid 80s I got tasked (while still active military) to go into the state to "provide guidance" on proper disassembly of some stuff. The guy who's just began his new tenure as governor here in Arkansas was at the time DEA.

The county (and the surrounding two) were 100% WASP - and hardly Left as some blithely presume. Mid 90s I returned to the area and took up residence. And I have come to realize, I contributed to Missouri's "independent municipalities" i.e. overcriminalization problem.

I've lived in five states other than Missouri but in my experience, Missouri's Governance Problem is unique.

I left in 2000 with the intent ... well the exception being if'n I'm in a dry Arkansas county ... to never return.

Oh, my mistake. I got confused but ... well I said Missouri is "Unique"? Not true perzactedly ... if'n you count the one place even if'n it's not a state properly speaking. There is one other place I'm familiar with that likens Missouri ...

The District of Columbia ... otherwise known as Washington DC.

You can Whitewall, if you wish, pull up a redacted pdf concerning what I put in my first full paragraph above. It's in Part One, Page Six, Paragraph Five. The search terms are:

Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord


JK, more likely Missouri isn't all metro St. Louis. I've seen a fair amount of Mo and it isn't Ferguson at all. Ferguson is only Ferguson because it is within the orb of St. Louis and all its big city dysfunctions. I even found myself deposited in far south west Mo in the little town of Seneca which was just barely west of Neosho. Scarcely a WASP around, mostly just Cherokee Indian which I recognize from seeing so much of the Eastern Band here in NC. I'm not up on the vagaries of Mo governance which may explain why a small town like Jefferson City is the capitol instead of St. Louis or even KC.

Eric Holder's power grab is not going to straighten out anything. That's not the point. He and the Race Industry need a pound of flesh from something. So Ferguson will be treated like a lab rat for a time. I predict this will ultimately come to naught because of our system of Federalism.

On your link, it shows the page file does not exist.

See Whitewall, "Search" at the top right of the page? Enter the terms, put your mouse on the little magnifying glass looking thingie to the immediate right of the text box and left click.

OK. Good lord, you are beginning to talk like Duff the Elder...thingie

JK, I see. Can I assume some of what I read about was in need of "disassembly"? I recognized the name Asa Hutchison and the meeting place on document 1 about the Little Rock Airtel---I think it was spelled, as I have stayed there and remember it pretty well.

As far as St Louis County "profit from poverty", they and DC aren't alone there. That set up is common in big cities with sprawling suburbs and pockets of poor black enclaves within. Federal Fixes for this are the cause of the problems from the days of Urban Renewal back in the late '60 and into the '70s. Best solution, lots of media sunshine.

I think Whitewall, given what's around your area can you assume; "Likely."

And, I agree with you on "the cause" at least from oh arbitrarily, 68ish maybe? But. Without making it too very difficult on our host and assorted *Loyalists* [joke David et al] I'd suggest pre"What Happened in Memphis" owes to the Homestead Act as Missouri epitomized "the jumping off" place.

We have people everywhere who do not recognise criminal activity. And when an armed criminal is shot dead in London his fellow compatriots take to the streets and burn, mame and kill total strangers in revenge for a dead piece of shit. Then the same scum hit the streets in Manchester and do the same thing. Then we get the hard done to stories from the lefties, social workers and pariah lawyers. Praise must go to Officer Wilson for being consistent in his evidence. He should obtain lawyers to sue those who are hell bent on getting his scalp to satisfy the mob.

I have never Jimmy, I think you'll agree, disagreed with anything you've stated. (Indeed, I'm very familiar with David's Archives and can bring up any number of David's posts where he's disagreed with you Sir followed soon after with me supporting you.)

The "Praise" Jimmy you commend as owing to Officer Wilson - though not without its own worth - should rather be placed on those US citizens of African heritage who, though they could expect nothing but scorn (and worse) from the very beginning - chose rather than to keep The Narrative going instead, testified to the Truth of what Officer Wilson did.

Those People I'd submit, are the True Heroes of Ferguson. Black though they be.

Jk. I would commend anyone who under pressure sticks to the truth. I have known police constables and the personal domestic problems they have had due to the pressure of the job. Being a born and brought up Glaswegian in what has been historically a violent city I support the police and appreciate what they do to keep the mob at bay. Perhaps there may be the odd exception but I do believe that the overwhelming majority of police get out of bed to do a job and hope to get home safely to their families.

My people Jimmy are Galloway. Here even nowdays we speak The Hills.

JK. When I was a youngster I attended Galloway House near a village called Garliaston. I was in Galloway house when Kennedy was assassinated. The House was intended to get us deprived! children away from the Glesga tenements for some fresh air and see the sea. The House was near Rigg Bay where we went for walks. Overall I attended Galloway House on four occasions. I still have my little diary. Me and the mrs returned a few years ago to go down memory lane however the House was in private hands and was sold off by the Glasgow Corporation years earlier. I just wanted to see the old dormitories and the boot polishing room! Sadly it was no entry.

"The Glasgow Corporation" hae, you seem a warrior still Jimmy and what'm I to make of that?

I still hold to my GrandMother's diary and otherwise to An Loch Sianta I occasioned as was my fate to be there, no matter.

I've none I can say on that. Dispute?

Oh God, now we have an entirely new language to cope with - Arkantartan!

Jk. The Glasgow Corporation (known as the Corpy) was just the elected council. It was done away with 1973 when the Ted Heath Tory Government introduced the big brother regional councils which the Tories eventually abolished. We now have the Glasgow City Council which is elected on a proportional voting system. So any old crank can get elected! Even Tories.

It seems the Galloway name is making an appearance again. On my wife's maternal side, there are Jacksons, Galloways, Duffs, O'Neils, McGlamerys, and Hughes. There are one or two that we don't discuss. These folks came to North Carolina and made a bee line for the far western mountains. They are so far back in "them thar" hills that the sun sets between here and there.

Whitewall. Galloway is not related in any way with George Galloway. Galloway is the Scottish home of St Ninian who arrived in Scotland or thereabouts before the other so called Saints like Patrick. If you go to New York for St Paddies Day tell the Micks Paddie was Scottish. They will no doubt offer you a refreshment.

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