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Sunday, 08 March 2015


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Good news about Al-Sisi. I hope he is smarter than the late Anwar Sadat and will wear the appropriate body vests when out. As for Obama, I believe too many of the Brotherhood have him by "the stack and swivel".

Whitewall. If you recall Sadat stood up on the makeshift scaffold and was gunned down by the loonie tune islamists who paraded past the podium. That should be a lesson to those who do deals with the West and Israel. Just keep the heid doon.

Jimmy, I do think Al-Sisi is a bit smarter and not so egotistical. No preening ego about him.

David? Have a look-see at the first appearing signature on the letter.

Excellent fellow and should be matured and ready to go in ten years times to take over from President Walker - er, am I getting ahead of myself?

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