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Monday, 09 March 2015


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Yep, either young girls with raging hormones or young girls reading books. That is what Islamists fear. American cultural dregs, even though young Bieber is I believe Canadian, will be their undoing.

Quite so, 'Whiters', look what it did to you and me!

dribble slobber fart spit....refinement such as ourselves will be gone soon.

And that's what will eventually defeat fanatical Islam

Along with a few well placed rounds for the more obstinate.

I couldn't agree more David. You may be interested to note that a certain Peter Tatchell would seem to share your opinion. The link is to an article of his in which I agree with every word he says.

Shared opinion can occasionally make for some rather unlikely (erm) bedfellows!


What Jerry Pournelle calls our "cultural weapons of mass destruction".

I guess there's a non-zero possibility they'll be shot or gang raped first...

I sincerely hope not.

Yes, but I can't like Justin Bieber on principle. I wrote a blog post on him once, predicting at 25 he'll be washed up alcoholic, and it looks like I'm on track.

Nonetheless, I really hope that you're right.

Couldn't they Jackman instead? I mean someone a bit worthwhile.....

Mayfly, Jackman might be a bit too manly. According to those people that are in the know, Bieber has recently grown his first couple of chest hairs.

But, Richard, did you read the comment thread? I admire Tatchell in some ways but in others he is insufferable.

Andrew, I just read Mr. Pournelle's Wiki entry, he being hitherto unknown to me, and he sounds like an interesting man.

'Cuffers', alas, all too true and we must keep our fingers crossed.

Don't worry, Miss Mayfly, there are plenty more men around to appeal to young gals, er, modesty forbids and all that . . .

And as it happens, 'Whiters', I have just started re-growing hairs on my chest recently. Is this a sign?

Indeed I did David, but even someone as insufferable as Tatchell is can be right on occasion... and whether right or wrong it is both intellectually lazy and wrong to make personal attacks on the person instead of attacking his argument.

David, grow a chest full and you can rejoin the ranks of those very men you mentioned to Miss Mayfly. Some of us have been in that elite circle since our teen years. There are benefits.

It is my experience that not many women like hairy men.

Having once been a very young girl with raging hormones, I can say that the likes of the beeb were never my taste. Baby face males never interested me.
I don't mind a bit of hair, but prefer it on the head, not the face....

He is gay, no matter what he says!!

Andra my mrs says she likes snuggling into my gray haired chest however women do say fine things on occasion when it suits them.

Jimmy, she's a sweet lass.
I have been known to pluck stray chest hairs, especially when I am in my thigh boots and brandishing a whip!!

Dammit, Andra, I've only just finished my breakfast and I nearly sprayed porridge across my keyboard! You're not excite an elderly gentlemen this early in the morning!

I like clean shaven men, chest wise as well as face. I can't stand people who won't go bald gracefully, and grow beards, presumably so that they can do a comb over when they get long enough.

Mind you, I can't complain. When I'm old and doddery, I'll be able to do a lip comb over....

You will never grow old, Miss Mayfly, not in my eyes anyway! By the way, you and the other ladies might like to know that I have just been to the barber and had my usual haircut - a "No. 2 all over". It takes under a minute and half to do and when I come out I look like an early Aussie, that is, a convict!

Well, from the opinions of the ladies here, I'm glad I did my single days here and married "she who would have me" here. David, your barber visits are about like mine--brief and repetitive. I only get so good.

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